The right tunes (especially when on a road trip) have the potential to either make or break a car trip. Regardless of if you’re tuned into your favourite radio station, learning the ABC’s with the kids or belting out the classics with your friends – whoever is riding shotgun needs to get it right!

When considering the psychological effect music can have over the human brain, the influence (and science) is undeniable. Studies have proven, time and time again the impact particular music (namely its bpm – beats per minute) has, whether you’re wanting to relax, unwind or simply in need of motivation to get you going. 

Similarly, where music goes hand-in-hand with driving, the influence it has over our mood and in turn driving behaviour is an obvious one. If not purely derived from personal experience alone, it’s clear our bodies react differently to various tempo’s of music. Listen to heavy metal or hard core techno and you’ll become stressed and on edge whereas if you switch to something far more upbeat and fast-paced, you’ll most likely (subconsciously) increase your speed to match.

And with the few perfectly placed public holidays just around the corner (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) we thought we’d curate the ultimate road trip playlist of our own to help keep you on track, stay sane and most importantly, get you excited for the holidays ahead!

Here is our ultimate road trip playlist: