If you haven’t done your Spring cleaning yet, now’s the perfect time to clear out under the bed. If you find a few gems, we have ideas to help you recycle or donate them… or clear out the whole house and join in Australia’s biggest garage sale! We have a great special for our utes for our GoOccasional or GoFrequent members, so you can load up even more gear and cross a few things off your to-do list. Don’t forget to check out our new pod locations and Specials Board for a great day rate on a car near you.

What are friends for?

At GoGet, we believe that when you give a little, you should get a little. If you refer a friend who signs up this month, you’ll both receive $25 driving credit! To receive a credit, your friend can call to sign up and quote your name or enter your name in the “How did you hear about us?” section in the online sign up form. There’s no limit on how many referral credits you can earn, so tell everyone! But what to do with all that driving credit…?

GoGet for a good time AND a long time!

Why not treat yourself to a long weekend? If you book a car for three days or more, give us a call! We have a special rate of $19 off the day rate for our every day cars, with all the extras, like 120km per day, still included! That’ll make your referral credit stretch even further!

Need a tradie for a big job?

2 Door Toyota Hilux Ute Every month, we have a new special offer for our GoOccasional and GoFrequent members. It’s our way of giving you more for your membership!   Our utes are all hard workers, but this month, we think we can up their workload! If you’re a GoOccasional or GoFrequent member and you have a big job that’s going to take some real muscle this month, book one of our utes and only pay the price of an economy car! By the hour or by the day, there’s no extra charge until November, so now’s the time to get to work! Your booking charge will automatically be adjusted when you make a booking for a ute, so just make your booking as normal and leave the rest to us!

Welcome to the team, WSE!

The Big IssueFor years, GoGet has been doing most of its work in-house, but this is one job we’re happy to out-source – and for a great cause. The Big Issue Women’s Subscription Enterprise is now assembling the GoGet Welcome packs for all new members. The program employs women to work in the Big Issue office to support the on-street vendors and to pack and sort magazines for subscribers every fortnight. We’ve just received our first batch of new member packs from the Women’s Subscription team, so if you’re a new member, chances are the membership pack you received was made with love and care by one of these hard working women.

New Rhodes pods

Our Rhodes network keeps on growing – we now have Yarises parked on street at Rider Boulevard, Shoreline Drive and Walker Street, as well as three vans at IKEA Rhodes. We’re continuing to add cars to the area thanks to the City of Canada Bay Council.

New Prahran pods

Another new Melbourne suburb has been added to our list of locations – Modena the Alfa MiTo and Sinclair the i30 wagon are now parked on-site at the Trilogi Apartments at 201 High Street in Prahran. The new cars are settling in to their new digs very happily, but if you’re a local, why not pick one up for a few hours and show them the sights?

Find the perfect GoGet car

Booking systemYou may have noticed we’ve updated our booking system with a few small changes. There’s now a new Car Search tab that works the same way the old QuickSearch button did – you can use it to find what types of cars are available, at what time, on what days and in what pod. Just click on this tab and it’ll give you even more options for finding the perfect car for your trip!

Follow the Garage Sale Trail!

Garage Sale Trail largeSaturday October 26 will be the third annual Garage Sale Trail – households, businesses and councils all around Australia are coming together on the same day to clear out some old wares and find a few treasures! So far, Garage Sale has found new homes for one million items, keeping waste down and helping people connect with their neighbours – sound familiar, GoGetters? To find a bargain – and maybe a new friend – near you, or to register your own sale, go to the Garage Sale Trail website.

We’re joining in the recycling spirit!

We get a lot of ‘donations’ left in our cars – jumpers, sunnies, shoes, even the odd case of cider! We always do our best to return these items to their owners, but if we can’t find them a home, we’ll eventually send them on to a better place – like St Vincent De Paul. If you’ve left something in a car, give us a call and we’ll help you track it down. If you find a ‘donation’ in a car, just leave it in the boot or the glovebox to be collected.

Clovelly Road Better Block

Clovelly RoadEver wonder what your street will look like in 10 years? The Clovelly Road Better Block team are thinking of a street that’s green, safe and brings the community together – and they’re putting their thoughts into action! For one day, Sunday October 27, part of Clovelly Road between Arden and Beach Streets in Clovelly will be converted into a fun and inspiring ‘liveable street’. The Better Block project has held over 40 events across the US, but this is the first event in Australia. To find out more and to get involved, check out the Clovelly Road Better Block Facebook page for details on the event and pre-event meetings.

Tip of the month

Our cars get up to all sorts of adventures, wriggling into parking spaces, squeezing their way through laneways and plenty of open road driving out in the elements. That’s why one of the most important things to do every time you pick up a car is to check for damage. Check the damage log in the car’s co-pilot and if you find anything new, give us a call to report it. You can leave a message if it’s out of hours – just leave your name, membership number and the car’s name and a brief description of the damage. Then record your description in the damage log and you’ll be on your way!

New cars and pods

Thanks to our Council and development partners, we now have cars in the following Sydney locations:

And in the following Melbourne locations:

Cool things members are doing

Grifter van croppedEvery month we like to let you know about some of the cool things our members get up to. If you have a story you’d like to share, let us know. Sydney-ciders (wink, wink) with a taste for good beer will be checking out the Sydney Craft Beer Week from October 19 to 26 and GoGet members The Grifter Brewing Company will be brewing up a storm! The boys will be showcasing new single batch exclusive brews at events during the week, including the launch of their new collaboration brew ‘Kokonatsu’, which they’ve put together with Two Birds Brewing. (Hint: we think you’ll go coco-nuts for their secret ingredient!) The Grifter team will also be challenging Two Birds to an Indian Pale Ale-off – head to Yullis in Surry Hills to judge the winner for yourself! The Grifter team uses a GoGet van every Thursday to get their kegs around town. Check out where you can get yourself a Growler on their Facebook page.

If you have anything you’d like to share – feedback, ideas, photos –send us an email and let us know! Nic, Bruce and the whole GoGet team.