Buying a second car can be a huge investment just for a vehicle that will sit in your driveway unused for an average of 23 hours a day.  Luckily, now there are lots of ways to avoid this expense.  Great public transportation, cycling, peer-to-peer apps and especially car share are leading more people to forget about buying that second car. As a result, they are saving a lot of money.  How much?  With car share the average is $5,400 a year.  Still committed to buying a second car?  We thought we’d illustrate just what $5,400 can buy.   11. A month-long Princess Cruise to Hawaii, Tahiti & South Pacific or Circle Pacific from San Francisco to Sydney. Whether you plan on cruising to the sunny beaches of the South Pacific or the Western Shores of the States, dumping the idea of a second car will help you get there. 22. A stay at Frank Underwood’s townhouse. A landmark of Netflix’s critically-acclaimed House of Cards, this townhouse is the perfect place to craft your plans for world domination. This home is available for rent and comes fully furnished with all of *Spoiler Alert* President Underwood’s belongings.   3. A huge iceberg water park. Warning, don’t pair this with a potential cruise vacation or that could lead to a titanic disaster for your wallet. This 15’ floatable behemoth is heaps of fun for the upcoming summer season –much more fun than a second car. 44. A backyard home theatre. Fret no more as your backyard is transformed into an awesome movie theatre. Nothing beats the comfort of home. You can invite all of your friends over for all the big games and movie events.  Let them drive to you.   stock-photo-45176692-saving-money5. Put the money in the bank and considering that if it sits there for 30 years, it will turn into $23,000.. and if you did that every year for 5 years, you’re saving over $100,000 from your initial deposit. With all that money, you could buy a fleet of icebergs to share with all the friends you make on your cruise vacations.   If you’re considering GoGet instead of buying that second car, you should also factor in all the headaches you save from using our fleet. There’s no maintenance, no monthly parking fees, and you never pay for fuel or rego.   Learn more about how to join here.