Newcastle is a city on the up and up. Once a town dominated by the mining and shipping industries, Newcastle now has some of the most interesting neighbourhoods, companies, and developments in the entire country!

However, with that kind of growth the character of Newcastle was always set to change. That includes parking availability across the Newcastle CBD. More than ever before, visitors and locals are having trouble finding where to park in Newcastle.

Before you set out, here’s all you need to know about where to park in Newcastle CBD.

City of Newcastle Parking

The City of Newcastle operates numerous parking stations within the CBD, with various time limits and rates. Most of these are smaller outdoor lots, like Civic, Boat Harbour, Queen’s Wharf, and Foreshore, but there are a few other options available.

Mall Parking Station

The City of Newcastle operates one undercover multi-storey car park in the CBD, the Mall Car Park, at 92 King street. It offers casual and monthly parking rates, with designated spaces available. Watch out though, as it’s only open 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, and 7am-4:30pm Saturday, with large fees for car removal after closing hours.

Weekday rates:
Up to 1 hour: $4.50
Up to 2 hours: $9
Up to 3 hours: $12
Up to 4 hours: $15
4+ hours: $20

Evening, weekend, and special rates:
Weekly (5 days only): $60
Daily early bird – per day for a continuous stay exceeding 7 hours where the vehicle enters before 9:30am Monday to Friday: $11
Saturday flat rate: $5

Monthly rates:
Designated space: $220 per month
Unlimited access: $270 per month
Concession: $140 per monthwhere to park in newcastle

Park and Ride

The City of Newcastle’s Park and Ride service allows you to park at McDonald Jones Stadium and catch a designated bus into the CBD, which stops in multiple places. Buses leave every 15 minutes between 7am-9am, with the return trip leaving the CBD every 15 minutes between 2:25pm-5:55pm. Plus, it only costs $4.60 per day!

Park and Ride operates every weekday, unless the Newcastle Knights or Newcastle Jets are playing a home game. There is also no service between Christmas and New Year.where to park in newcastle

No.2 Sportsground Car Park

The City of Newcastle has been trying to get the word out about this great little parking lot for years! Located right near the CBD, the No.2 Sportsground Car Park has 200 spaces, including 6 disabled spaces. Located on Smith Street, it’s only a few minute’s walk from public transport, and not far from shops, restaurants, and even beaches. Parking here is $4/hr or $8 all day on weekdays, and FREE on weekends!where to park in newcastle

Street parking in Newcastle CBD

Newcastle does have lots of street parking, even if it doesn’t always look like it! With more people living in the Newcastle CBD than in the past, there are more cars competing for the same amount of street space.

Newcastle City Council has also wisely given more street space to pedestrian, cycling, and public transport infrastructure, to help with the increasing transport needs. This actually has the effect of decreasing demand for parking, but it does remove parking in the process – as a result it often looks like there’s less street parking in Newcastle.

That being said, street parking is still available in much of the Newcastle CBD, with varying time limits and rates, so be sure to check the signs before you park. But if you want to plan ahead, here’s what you need to know.

EasyPark app

Newcastle’s EasyPark app makes it easier to find, monitor, and pay for your street parking. The official City of Newcastle app is available on the App store and Google Play, and can definitely make your trip easier. It’s also now the only way to get the 15 minute free parking in 1P and 2P paid parking zones! 


The Parkopedia website allows you to search for parking options by location. This handy website shows available options including street parking, car parks and private spaces, and where applicable, it also allows you to book and pay for your parking space online. It even shows real-time parking availability. 

Private Parking in Newcastle

If you’re not keen on hunting for parking in Newcastle, you have the option of paying for private parking garages. The rule of thumb here is to check parking rates before you leave home, to make sure you aren’t paying too much. Take advantage of cheaper times and pre-book if you can to get the best value parking.

Here are the main private parking lots in the Newcastle CBD:

Hunter Parking and Storage

Hunter operate two parking garages in the Newcastle CBD. Their Civic West lot, on King Street, has 470 spaces, while their Bolton Street lot boasts 570. Both lots are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Weekday Rates:
0-½ hour: $2.00
½-1 hour: $4.50
1-2 hours: $9.00
2-3 hours: $12.00
3-4 hours: $15.00
4-5 hours: $17.00
5-6 hours: $21.00
6-7 hours: $24.00
7-12 hours: $29.00

Evening, weekend, and special rates:
Early Bird (Weekdays Only): $12.00 for entry between 5.00 am – 9.30am and exit before 8.00 pm. Minimum stay of 7 hours.
Night Owl: $5.00 for entry after 5:00pm and exit before 8:00am the following day.

Monthly rates start from $270.where to park in newcastle

Care Park

Care Park operate a lot at 1 Wright Lane, a great location for the Newcastle CBD, and very close to the light rail. They have 189 spaces, and split their parking into 2P, 4P and 8P areas, with similar rates for each. This is an open air, pay and display car park.

0-1 hour: $3.00
1-2 hours: $6.00
2+ hours (max daily): $8.50

Free parking 5:00pm-midnight.

Care Park also operate lots outside the CBD, located at Throsby Creek, Wickham, Spotlight (we have GoGet vehicles here), and Steel Lane. All are near light rail stops.where to park in newcastle

Wilson Parking

The Wilson Centenary Road car park offers 40 spaces right in the middle of the CBD, for a flat rate of $15.00 on weekdays, and $5.00 on weekends. Being right near the water, and the light rail, this one can fill up fast!

Wilson also operate the 16 space pay and display parking lot at Loop Road. It’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week, including public holidays. Parking is $4.00 for 2 hours, with a maximum stay of 4 hours.

Further from the CBD, their Parry Street car park is a flat rate of $8.00 per exit.

Wilson also operate monthly parking only lots, at Honeysuckle Drive and Wharf Street.where to park in newcastle

Secure Parking

The Secure Parking Harbour Park lot is open 5:00am-8:00pm on weekdays, and 6:30am-7:00pm on weekends and public holidays. Secure offer casual rates, weekly and monthly parking, discounted weekends, early bird rates. The best thing about the Secure lot is the ability to book a space online, for a cheaper price. The main drawback is that fairly early closing time.

Weekday rates:
                        Drive up           Online
0-½ hour:        $4.00               $2.00
½-1 hour:        $5.00               $3.00
1-1½ hours:     $8.00               $5.00
1½-2 hours:     $10.00             $7.00
2-3 hours:        $14.00             $9.00
3-4 hours:        $17.00             $11.00
4+ hours:         $21.00             $16.00

Evening, weekend, and special rates:
Early Bird (Weekdays Only): $15.00 flat rate for entry between 6:30am-9.30am and exit between 3:30pm-7:30pm.
Weekly early bird parking (5 days): $66
Weekend flat rate: $6.00 drive up, $4.00 onlinewhere to park in newcastle

Free Parking

While it’s getting harder to find, and may require you to change up your plans a little to fit in with the free times, there IS free parking available in the Newcastle CBD!

Darby Street

This City of Newcastle operated CBD spot has 55 spaces of completely free parking, available 7 days a week! As such, it’s a busy little spot, but if you’re lucky enough to nab a space, it can save you a lot of time and money.

Public Car Parks

The council operated car parks offer free parking outside of their ticketed hours, usually from 5pm-9am weekdays. Civic, Boat Harbour, Queen’s Wharf and Foreshore are all only ticketed until 5pm, but are otherwise free! Civic car park also offers free parking on weekends.


Many of Newcastle’s amazing beaches offer free parking, 7 days a week. Obviously, these can fill up fast, especially on a nice day! The best places to check and still be close to the CBD are Newcastle Ocean Baths, Nobby’s and Horseshoe Beach.

Not parking in Newcastle

Finally, a little tip that might make finding where to park in Newcastle a little easier. If you can avoid driving into the Newcastle CBD, you won’t need to find car parking at all! Newcastle is becoming more and more friendly to active and public transport, so it’s never been easier to get around town without a car.

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