Brrrr! It’s a windy time of year, the beginning of Spring. Down in Melbourne, the chap stick is out in force. Up in Sydney, the surfers are charging into those big swells. With the changing of the seasons, what better time to make some much-needed changes around the house? And we have just the vehicle to help make that happen! Plus, we’ve got a tip for making sure everything’s changing in the right way, and we’ll tell you about some groups that, like us, are trying to make a difference in our cities.

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It’s Vantastic!

Vans, we all need them at some point. It’s hard to fit a couch in a hatchback. Around the country, people are using GoGet vans for all sorts of reasons; moving houses, transporting set pieces, shifting about catering gear, and, of course, picking up all that flat-pack furniture from a little Swedish company you might’ve heard of. They’re the handy solution for when you don’t have your own, but many members don’t realise that we have a network of vans available all around them.  
Vans can be found at IKEA, select shopping centres, and in many car parks. Check the booking page to find your nearest van. So if you have a sofa to move or those vintage Elvis Presley dolls you found at the back of your garage, go get yourself a van.

If you have a story about an interesting booking in a GoGet van, email us here for a chance to win a booking promo!

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Special long weekends make for special offers

It’s the time of year where the days get longer, and so does a particular weekend. Labour Day, the Queen’s birthday, the great Grand Final weekend (Go sports team!); whatever you call it, it’s time for you to enjoy a little holiday and we’re helping you kick back with a special offer.
From 4pm Thursday to 11am Tuesday, book any off-street CBD vehicles that aren’t Audis, people movers or vans for 48 hours or more and you’ll get 25% off your booking. Just type in the promo code LNGWKD and that long weekend gets cheaper. You can take a nice trip inland, along the coast, or to the game. Whatever it is, we hope you enjoy your weekend!

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Tip of the month

Every year, twice a year, this happens. The dreaded daylight savings problem. Sunday morning we wake up slightly jet-lagged to run either 1 hour late or early the whole day.
When the clocks shift over on 1st October, we’ll be sending our cleaners and fleet team to race around the city and update the clocks in our cars. We may not get to all of them at once, so keep a weather eye out and check your GoGet vehicle’s clock when you hop in. Feel free to change the clock yourself – give us a call if you’d like instructions as to how. Don’t worry about booking troubles, our system doesn’t use the clock in the car, but don’t forget to keep one eye on the accurate time so you don’t get your return time wrong! 

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Cool things our members are doing

When you’re in the city, it can be hard to get the right food on your plate, and that’s what 3000acres is wanting to address. A Melbourne based company, 3000acres wants to reconnect the urbanite with the joys of getting your hands all dirty with garden grown groceries.
It finds underutilised land and turns it into urban garden space by connecting people with all the necessary resources required. In the process, you’re not only getting good food you’ve made on your plate, you’re also getting involved in a community and finding that piece of nature you sometimes miss out on in the city.
It’s been a pretty successful undertaking so far. In the space of 4 years, they’ve helped create 17 communal gardens, all while using GoGet’s cars and utes to transport people and garden materials – hopefully the latter in the utes!

If you’re doing cool things, or have something you’d like to share, please write to us.

The GoGet Team