Cities are getting more and more crowded, and the coffee isn’t getting any cheaper, so this month’s newsletter is all about giving you some room, and some breaks, even if you never leave the hustle and bustle. We’re giving you more in our GoFrequent plan thanks to your feedback; we’re talking about smarter and healthier use of city space. There’s also some timely hacks to avoid those blood boiling traffic jams and even a chance to escape them completely, all while doing some good! Don’t forget to check out our specials page for pods on special near you, and all our current offers.

Feed back brings change

It’s so satisfying when we can deliver you something not because we thought it would be good, but because you told us you thought it would be good. We got that chance when we received your feedback about GoFrequent driver allowances and have changed things up. The old GoFrequent plan allowed for 3 drivers and, as some of you pointed out, that number doesn’t match most families wanting to use GoFrequent. In Australia, there’s an average of 1.8 kids in a family. We’re not sure where the 0.2 went, so we rounded that number up to 2 and added a full extra driver. So now with 4 drivers on the GoFrequent, both kids can drive on your premium plan, and if you’ve got a middle child, live-in nan, or estranged uncle we can add a fifth driver for you too. Just ask. So thank you for your feedback, and welcome to all the new drivers! So thank you for your feedback, and welcome to all the new drivers!

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GoGet & Variety partner to drive mobility

GoGet is teaming up with Variety – the Children’s Charity – to improve mobility options for at-need families in NSW and ACT. This month, you can donate to Variety and be eligible for a free weekend getaway in a GoGet car! Variety is a leading children’s charity committed to enhancing inclusion and community access. They directly assisted over 12,000 children in 2016. Your donation will fund Variety’s ‘Freedom’ grants including vehicle modifications for families, manual and sports wheelchairs, standing and walking frames. You can help them help more children in need by donating to Variety, and we will give the three highest value donors a free weekend getaway in a GoGet car! So, dig deep and you might just be taking a free trip in your GoGet car knowing you’ve helped young people thrive in their communities.

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The cost of free parking

Most GoGet members know limited parking is an everyday urban reality, and that a big part of GoGet’s mission is to decongest our streets and provide convenient transport for those who need it. Parking, it turns out, is one of those of hidden-in-plain-sight features of our cities that have fundamentally shaped them. It’s really important that we all work together to provide parking that works for all of us, but who’s ever thought about it? Well, the video above from Vox does a really good job of digging into the question of parking. Teaser alert: you’ll see just how too much parking has actually encouraged congestion; why some of our favourite urban neighbourhoods couldn’t be built today; and what we can do now to ensure that our cities get smarter, greener and more liveable. Where’s the silver lining? We’re not nearly as bad as the states when it comes to parking policy, and at least some of the credit can go to you, the GoGet member and our collective commitment to have shared transport shape our cities.

New cars and pods – NSW

New cars and pods – VIC

Tip of the month: Skip the traffic

Sitting in traffic not moving anywhere is one of the worst parts of city life, especially when you consider that not only are you stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic. So this month’s tip is something to help avoid a lot of that frustration. Some particularly clever people have been using the extent of the GoGet network to skip the bulk of the traffic and spend less time in the vehicle. Instead of hopping straight into your local car and getting stuck in traffic, check if there’s a GoGet near a public transport stop closer to your destination and book that car instead! Skip inner city traffic and pay for fewer kilometres as well! Heaps of GoGet pods are within 5 minutes walk of a Train Station, and it’s easy to check with the map screen on the GoGet app. It might not work for every trip you make, but for those that it does, it means taking one more car off an inner-city street and a better travel experience for you!

Cool things our members are doing

Our members are always up to a lot of good. Case in point, GoGet member Nick Young. Along with Pierre Sullivan, he launched the Bondi2Berry bike ride – the Ride to Remember- last year to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. GoGet helped out with some vehicles and we were really happy to see it become a great success. Both Nick and Pierre have parents suffering with the disease, and their passion to do something about it has quickly grown the ride into a major event. If you want to get involved visit There’s also a cool launch event happening Thursday, August 24 at 6pm at Tuxedo Espresso Bar hosted by Network Ten’s Natarsha Belling. $10 Espresso Martinis and a silent auction! The Bondi2Berry ride kicks off on September 9th.