Young drivers get going with GoGet

If there’s a downside to being young, it’s that car insurance can be pretty expensive compared to your older compadres. Whilst not all under 25s are dangerous drivers, collectively they’re often faced with higher premiums due to the likelihood that we could be involved in a car accident. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people aged 20-24 have the highest rate of court appearances for dangerous driving. So the insurance industry reacts by increasing premiums to cover costs. Ouch!

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority reports that younger drivers are over represented in road crash statistics where people under 26 make up 15% of motorists on the road but are involved in 36% of fatal accidents. This means young people are riskier to insure and pay more for traditional carhire, and car ownership.

Getting your first licence is like a rite of passage, not to mention newfound freedom! No longer do you have to ask your parents to drop you off at parties or your boy/girlfriends’ house. It decreases the occurrence of endless embarrassment and gives you a bit of cred among peers. Yet the buzzkill is this; you’re penalised from a cost point of view, for being the age you are! And let’s face it; most under 25s aren’t exactly raking in sizeable salaries. Is the cost of insurance for young drivers fair? You might not think so if you’re under 25, but the reality is, driving means risk and younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents, nothing more. Don’t let it get to you.

With GoGet, the higher insurance excess is absorbed into the membership rates. All we require is members to have been driving for at least 1 full year, are 18 years or over and have a squeaky clean driving record.

That means that P-plates are ok by us! This makes GoGet popular with students (see our goStudent plan) and a cost efficient alternative for young people to go get around!

If you’re a young person reading this blog, and you’re still umming and ahhing, consider what other young drivers have to say about their experiences.

Recently, GoGet conducted a survey of our under 25 members to gain insights into their reasons for using carshare, in comparison to traditional car hire or ownership. An overwhelming number of responses cited cost and availability of parking as the biggest deterrents to car hire and car ownership. Does that sound familiar?
According to one member, the greatest rewards of the GoGet experience include:

• Cost savings
• No need to live in house/flats with parking
• Only paying for when you actually drive
• Not having to worry about maintenance and potential car maintenance issues

These were similar themes across the board.

Another went as far as to say, “If I bought a car, apparently insurance and maintenance alone will be as expensive as my annual GoGet bill!”

This seemed to be relevant for young drivers living both in and out of home. 21% of all our members use GoGet as a second vehicle. This is perfect for those young drivers at home for whom, borrowing the family car works most of the time, though on those odd occasions where it is inconvenient, GoGet can meet demands without the necessity of purchasing a second car.

For those who have left the nest, apartments, terraces, high-rise and high-density inner city living is the most common housing arrangement of GoGet members. Unfortunately for most, parking is a commodity in high demand and short supply.

Did you know the average car owner will spend 106 days of their lives looking for a park? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

GoGet dedicated parking and pods solve a lot of headaches and ALSO means those pesky parking fines are a thing of the past. In short, GoGet offers freer modes of living for young people, who are always on the go, not time or money to waste. Are you nodding your head yet?

Such freedom allows you to enjoy the finer things in life, and as one under 25 member reminded us; “I’d much rather save the money I would spend in buying a car for future investments or travelling.”

Oh to be young!


Thank you to all under 25/student members who responded to our survey and allowed their comments and valuable insights to be shared on our blog.

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