We asked members for the best ways to escape the crowds on a busy weekend – like Australia Day long weekend – and had a large response. Whether it was spending time with the family and driving to the favourite watering hole or going a massive bike ride through mountainous tracks. The overall message was positive and very outdoorsy. We have some great ideas for place to visit now. Unfortunately there could be only one winner. We went through all the repsonses and found a NZ local that spins the local globe and places a pin on a large green spot on the map, GENIUS! Have a read of Zack’s escape and be inspired to travel to random local green areas near your city.

As Kiwis we always enjoy exploring the outdoors, (mostly) away from the crowds to get a taste of the real Australia!

Our tip is to look at Google maps and find a reasonably sized ‘blob’ of green, find the name of the park (usually a State, Regional or National) and do a bit of research as to what’s there. If it’s a big National Park you will probably have a lot of people, but smaller State and Regional parks are often not even known about by nearby city dwellers! Then off you drive, making sure to take lots of unexpected turns, and don’t be afraid of the unsealed roads (as long as they’re proper roads mind you).

This way we have found some of the most beautiful, untouched places with absolutely no other people. Great swimming holes, wild koalas and kangaroos, we highly recommend going off the beaten track. Just follow the green blobs!