In the car sharing world, there are a few big brands that operate globally – one of the biggest being Zipcar. We hear from lots of travelers and expats asking if there is a Zipcar Australia, after having used Zipcar to easily replace their private car overseas.

While there’s no Zipcar Australia, there’s GoGet in Australia!

If you search ‘Zipcar Australia’ or ‘Zipcar in Australia’, the top result (after Zipcar itself) is GoGet Car Share. GoGet is the closest thing to Zipcar in Australia, with a service every Zipster will be comfortable using.

And with around 100,000 active members, you can be sure that GoGet can get you around just as easily!

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The rear bumper of a white zipcar with the zipcar logo visible - while there's no Zipcar Australia, there is GoGet in Australia

What is Zipcar?

Like GoGet, Zipcar is a car sharing service that helps members live without owning a car, or without owning a second car. Zipcar and GoGet let members use vehicles from as little as an hour, for an affordable hourly or daily rate.

Zipcar was founded in Boston in 1999, shortly before GoGet started in Sydney in 2003 as Newtown Car Share. Here’s some useless trivia – Both GoGet Car Share and Zipcar were conceived in coffee shops!

What is GoGet Car Share?

Just like Zipcar, GoGet Car Share gives you access to a car when you need it, without the cost and hassle of owning one (find out how much you could save here!). While Zipcar Australia might not exist, GoGet’s network of 2,600+ vehicles makes it easy to find a car when and where you need it.

GoGet operates in most of Australia’s capital cities, so you can take us with you when you travel. Find your nearest GoGet car here.

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A man and woman smiling as they load IKEA furniture into a GoGet Van

Does GoGet work the same as Zipcar?

GoGet and Zipcar work in more or less the same way. Once you’re a member, you can book a car by the hour or the day, using a smart card to swipe in and out of the car.

Like Zipcar, GoGet members pay a low monthly or annual fee, an hourly booking fee, and a small kilometre charge, while GoGet covers the rest. We pay for fuel, insurance, registration, as well as all cleaning and maintenance of the car. All you have to do is tap on and drive away!

GoGet offers plans for occasional and heavy users, and there are very low rates for students, businesses, and senior citizens. With options like that, GoGet can almost certainly save you money!

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Business Seniors Students

La Trobe students with GoGet cars

Wish you could use Zipcar in Australia? Time to join GoGet!

Like thousands of other Zipsters, you can become a GoGetter too! Just choose the plan that suits you, then apply to be a member.

If you need to drive today, that’s fine too. You can pick up a smart card at one of our hundreds of partner locations, instead of having it sent in the mail. Just choose to pick your smart card up with you join, and give us a call once you’ve picked it up (our number’s on the card).

Don’t waste time and money buying a car in Australia, make like a Zipcar and Zip with GoGet!

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