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GoGet Car Share is already changing the lives of 100,000 Australians, and we want it to help you as well! We’re rapidly expanding our Brisbane network, and we want all Brisbanites to have access to a wide variety of cars, right near them, at a low price – by the hour or by the day.

To make your decision even easier, we’re giving Brisbane residents a super sweet deal. Join on our GoFrequent plan and we’ll waive your $30 membership fee for the first six months. We’ll also waive the $25 joining fee. That’s $205 value!

That means you’ll be able to try car sharing at our most affordable rates for six months, with no ongoing or joining fees!

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 How Car Sharing works: A primer

Instead of owning an expensive and time consuming car, Car Share gives you access to cars when you need one. Book a hatchback, SUV, van, or other car share vehicle for as little as an hour.

We’re growing our Brisbane fleet dramatically. With over a hundred cars across the city, there’s probably one near you! If you travel you’ll also find GoGet very useful, with cars in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Orange.

GoGet pays for fuel, insurance and rego, and maintenance. That means you’re only paying for a car when you actually use one. That saves you money, and gives you even more options than owning a car.

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 How GoGet works in four steps (and a video)

GoGet How it works Tick Icon GreenJoin

There’s a plan for every driver. Find one that suits you and join. Once you’re approved we’ll mail you a smart card, or you can pick one up.

GoGet How it works Car Icon light blueBook

Find cars near you with the GoGet app or on our website. Book just the hours you need or for a full day, and start driving straight away!

GoGet How it works Card Icon OrangeSwipe

Find your car, hold the smart card to the reader on the windscreen, and the doors will unlock. The ignition key is near the steering wheel.

GoGet How it works Go Icon Mid BlueGo!

Just return the car to its pod with at least a quarter tank of fuel after your trip. We pay for petrol – there’s a fuel card in the car to pay for it.



 So what is GoFrequent?

We have a few plans, but GoFrequent offers our lowest rates. On GoFrequent you can book cars from as little as $6.50 an hour. There’s a $30 monthly membership fee, which is made up for by the discounts to your hourly rate if you use GoGet more than a couple of times a month.

By giving you 6 months of GoFrequent with no membership fees, we’re giving you the chance to give GoGet a crack, and see if it suits you. You’ll be using GoGet on our best rates, so you’ll get a great trial of the service, no matter what your driving habits are.

If it doesn’t suit you, you can cancel after six months – no stress!

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 The GoGet Fleet

Car share members have access to a huge variety of cars. Instead of the same car every week, use the car best suited for your trip (or best suited for your mood!).

Here are some of the most popular cars in our fleet. Not all of them are in Brisbane yet, but you’ll be able to use them in our other cities.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Corolla

KIA Sportage

Toyota Hiace Van

KIA Carnival People Mover

BMW 220i Convertible



Join on our GoFrequent plan and we’ll waive your $30 membership fee for the first six months. Brisbane residents only!


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