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Book by the hour, vehicles where you need them.

We've got vehicles to suit your business needs

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Cars when and where you need them

GoGet cars are parked on suburban streets, in office building car parks, airports and other convenient locations all around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide. With GoGet you can drive straight to a site visit from home, zip out with a car parked near your office, or even fly in and drive out from the airport when you travel.

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Near your office
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Near your employees' homes
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Airports and transport hubs

What our members say

“Access to the range of GoGet vehicles so close to our Camperdown HQ (particularly the vans) has meant we can use vehicles as we need without having to outlay capital on our own fleet. The website booking interface is so easy to use and means we aren’t wasting time on logistics support or dealing with third parties.”

John Benton - Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.

GoGet works for businesses of all sizes

GoGet gives you the cars and vans you need to grow, without the upfront capital

Per business journey, how far or long do you drive?


Business plans from as little as

$7.15 per hour
per Hour + $0.40 per km
(petrol & insurance included)
$78 per day
per Day inc 150km free + $0.25 per
extra km (petrol & insurance included)

A whole fleet of vehicles when you need them, no fixed expenses when you don't.

How many car trips do all your staff make each week? Including taxis and rideshare
How long are those trips?

Give your employees the full transport mix

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Book your car for a couple of hours, drive yourself there and back

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Public transport

Relax about traffic and get some work done on the way

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Fleet cars

When you're going to be on the road a lot

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Taxi & Rideshare

Jump in a cab for a one-way trip

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Walking & Cycling

Stay off the roads and get some fresh air

Make a dent in your transport expenses

See how much you can save by number of trips per month

average cost $40
average cost $60
average cost $80

What our members say

“We honestly could not do what we do without GoGet. Car costs are such a huge expense in the real estate industry. GoGet is the best – it provides so much flexibility and convenience to us in an industry that really needs it. We really could not ask for a better service."

Kristie Looney - Property Initiatives Real Estate

How it works

1. Set up an account

Join online or talk to a business consultant. It's free to join with no commitment or membership fees, and you can add as many drivers as you need.

2. Book a vehicle

Choose the right vehicle for the job and book one parked near you. Book for the time you need, a few hours or a few days.

3. Get going

Your vehicle is ready and waiting, and the keys are inside. Tap on with your smartcard, do your trip and return the car to its home when you're done. You'll get a fully itemised invoice the following month.

Reduce admin burden

Our business is fleet management, focus on yours

GoGet automatically records all driver logs, ODO readings, tolls and infringements. No log books or signing keys in and out.
Easy to read monthly invoice with trip costs assigned by driver, and trip comments or cost codes for categorising expenses.
Online booking system and mobile app for iPhone and Android allows drivers to book cars themselves and schedule around their availability. No more prioritising or request management.
Real time administrator access to bookings and trip details improves transparency and limits unnecessary trips.

What our members say

"I've used GoGet for over 12 months now. It works out more economical for my manager, and I get to leave my car at home and avoid work related mileage and servicing costs. GoGet is always just so easy, andthe customer service has been very helpful."

Kath - Product Review


GoGet Business benefits

No fixed costs

Business plans have no cost to join, no ongoing membership fees and no minimum commitment. Your business can have unlimited drivers on the same account, and you only pay for usage.

Lower total journey costs

GoGet usage rates are less than half the cost of a taxi for a comparable journey.

Improved sustainability outcomes

Carsharing works with alternatives to driving, cutting total vehicle kilometres travelled, easing traffic congestion, lessens parking demand and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Greater convenience & increased productivity

GoGet members can access our fleet of new, well maintained vehicles from more than 2,200 locations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide.

Join GoGet and improve your work today

Over 25,000 businesses use GoGet to reduce their travel costs and make work easier. Join them today.

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