Stephen Davies and some of his team

Stephen Davies had been a GoGet member for years. “I gave up my car because I realised I just wasn’t using it,” Stephen says. When he joined Urbis, one of Australia’s leading property and development consultancies, it didn’t take long for him to apply his car share experience to the needs of his new organisation. “Our people travel frequently to carry out our work which often requires being on many different sites in a single day to evaluate things firsthand. Western Sydney, Castle Hill, The Northern Beaches, we will be all over the map,” Stephen says. “The problem was that our office is in the CBD. We didn’t have fleet cars and were relying on car rental. The car rental process –getting to the rental office and actually getting out on the road— was onerous. What if we only had a single site visit? A two-hour round trip meant renting a car for an entire day.” The challenge was getting to sites while keeping consultants efficient and travel expenses as low as possible. For clients, the projected cost of transport is included in every business proposal and being able to predict and control these costs is essential. “After full-day car rentals, taxis were our default for short trips, but not only are taxis expensive, if you are going to Vaucluse, even Bondi, getting a cab back to our offices is virtually impossible and we really can’t afford to be stranded.” So Stephen suggested that Urbis try GoGet. That was four years ago. Today, fifty employees use GoGet and the company recently expanded the service to its Melbourne office. “Everyone likes the convenience. The Kent Street car park is only a few doors away from our office and there are many additional GoGet vehicles in the vicinity,” Stephen says. Not every property valuation, urban design, or heritage impact assignment finds Urbis staff using GoGet, Stephen says, sometimes a taxi still does the job, but GoGet serves as the dependable backbone of a unified transportation approach and gives Urbis a fleet that they have never had to buy. “It’s given us transport scope with no capital investment and no contracts,” Stephen says. “It fits with who we are and what we do every day.” Learn more about Urbis at: www.urbis.com.au



Sebastian Langton

“I couldn’t have our CEO riding to meetings on the back of my motorcycle.  And we weren’t going to waste precious capital on taxis or a fleet car that we could be putting into development instead.” Fortunately, Sebastian Langton from Wynbox knew about GoGet.  He figured that the same freedom people found using the cars for their personal lives would translate into his North Sydney-based business. “Parking around our offices is a nightmare.  With GoGet I don’t have to worry about that.  We can pick up a vehicle, drop it off and keep on going with our day.  There’s no circling the block or worrying about getting a ticket.  There’s just swipe and forget.” Transport dependability is also critical for Langton since building Wynbox, which has pioneered the “gamification” of online purchasing in Australia, means managing a stream of meetings across a range of sectors from high-end fashion to event ticketing to pizza – many set up at the last minute. “I need to know that if I’ve just booked a meeting that I have a car ready to get us there.  No other service can compete with GoGet when it comes to that.  There are always plenty of vehicles to choose from right around us.  If the car on Doohat Avenue is booked, I can go to Miller or McLaren. Langton cited the range of vehicles as another reason that counts for their business. “Buy a car and you’re locked into that one car.  You go for something small and nippy and it’s great, but then one day you have to move a lot of stuff and suddenly that small nippy car is completely useless.  The other day we moved our offices down the street – so I hired one of GoGet’s flatbed utes.  I moved the entire office in the one day.  Then the next day we’ve got Wynbox talking to a conference on disruptive technology – driven there by GoGet.  Fantastic.” Customer service also scores high for Langton. “There have been a few times I’ve botched things up scheduling wise, but when I ring them up they’re so nice about it. I’ve never had an issue with them.” Other factors run a little deeper. “I feel really good about using the service.  This isn’t a throwaway statement.  GoGet is like us: it’s a disruptive technology.  I don’t really need a car, so why would I own one?  The fact that our company can share with other people without the upkeep, the hassle, and it’s a green concept too, the list goes on.  Businesses at all levels are moving toward greater efficiencies and higher productivity – car share does both.” Learn more about Wynbox at: www.wynbox.com