Shared Cars in our Shared World

The environmental impact of GoGet Carshare is massive. We offer a technical solution that lowers the demand for cars, as well as helping people drive less.


A Melbourne Car share car parked with the Melbourne Skyline in the background


Fewer cars, lower emissions

One of the best things individuals and communities can do for our cities and environment is to reduce car usage.

Driving less benefits everyone, whether you’re on the road or not.

Environmental Benefits of GoGet - Watch and time IconLower Congestion

When people own fewer cars and drive less, city road will be less congested.

Environmental Benefits of GoGet - Pollution IconLower Emissions

Fewer cars means less pollution. That’s great for the environment and air quality.

Environmental Benefits of GoGet - Happy Girl with pigtails IconHealthier Lives

Cleaner air means a healthier you! Driving less really can save lives!

Environmental Benefits of GoGet - Parking IconLower Parking Demand 

Lower demand for kerbside makes life easier for motorists, pedestrians, and councils.


An aerial shot of an empty street in Brisbane City, an odd sign considering how little parking Brisbane offers


Car Share: Environmentalism made easy

Doing the right thing is easy with GoGet.

With thousands of cars or different types all across the country, GoGet makes not owning a car cheap and convenient, which is great for the environment.

Environmental benefits of GoGet Car Share - green map pins iconMultiple Drivers

One GoGet services around 30 different members in the area.

Environmental benefits of GoGet Car Share - blue car iconFewer Private Cars

Each GoGet removes around a dozen privately owned cars from the area.

Environmental benefits of GoGet Car Share - organge thumbs up iconMore Efficient

GoGets are more fuel efficient than old cars, and we have lots of hybrids cars.


 The GoGet Effect

Our behaviour is hard to change. But GoGet does it – people drive less once they join! The GoGet Effect is seen in local research and overseas studies.

GoGetters drive 50% less after the join. Paying each trip reveals the real cost of driving. So, they get more done in a single trip and use public transport more.

Here are some other ways GoGetters and the general public get around differently.


GoGet Environmental Infographic - Car Icon Text - Only 28.6% of GoGet members own a car, while only 12.7% of Sydney residents don't own a carGoGet Environmental Infographic - Shoes Icon Walk - 22.5% of members walk to work compared to Sydney average of 4.3%
GoGet Environmental Infographic - Walking Icon Text - 82% of members use public transport, cycle or walk to work, compared to the Sydney average of 25.7%
GoGet Environmental Infographic - Shoppin Icon Text - 48% of members walk and carry when they go grocery shopping
GoGet Environmental Infographic - Speed Walk Icon Text - 23.5% of members say they walk more since joining GoGet
GoGet Environmental Infographic - Wheel Icon Text - 24.2% of members say they drive less since joining GoGet


Ready to save the world?

You can help the environment right now – start using car share! You can use GoGet instead of your main car or instead of a second car, whatever suits you best.

Around 100,000 Australians are already using GoGet, so you’ll be in very good company.


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