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All the GoGet basics

Signing up

Thinking of becoming a member? Here are answers to some common questions about GoGet.
  • When can I drive?

  • How does insurance work?

  • What do I choose as my member number and access code?


GoGet is membership based, so when you join you become a member. It's like a library card or subscription, and there's a few things to know when becoming a member. Here are answers to some common questions about choosing a membership tier and joining GoGet.
  • What is a preauthorisation?

  • Cancel membership

  • How long do you keep the deposit?

  • How many drivers can be on my account?

  • How much is a van/car/etc to hire?

  • I just need a car as a once-off

  • I need a car for a few weeks

  • Do you have plans for students?

  • Do you have plans for pensioners/seniors?

Business accounts

Forget reimbursing employees for their private cars, managing cab receipts and making difficult decisions over fleet sizes, GoGet is the simple and easy solution for your business.
  • What kind of information do I need to create a business account?

  • Who can create a business account?

  • My company has an account, how do I drive?

  • I am a business with less than 5 employees

  • I’m interested in getting my company using GoGet

Booking cars

As a GoGet member, the most important thing besides driving is booking cars! You need to book a car before driving, so learn all about how booking works here.
  • How do GoGet trips work?

  • What is the day rate?

  • Do I need to book in advance?

  • Location surcharges

  • Bookings on the half hour


GoGet has a car for every need, including pet friendly and baby seat equipped cars. Learn more about our fleet here.
  • How much can a van hold?

  • What areas do you operate in?

  • What kind of cars are near me?

  • What is classified as a “premium” car?

  • Do you have child seat equipped cars? Where are they?

  • Do you have pet friendly cars? Where are they?

  • How do tolls work?