Before joining a car share network, you might have a few questions about how it will work for you. We totally get that!

Read on for some frequently asked questions about car share. We hope they’ll help you decide whether GoGet car share is right for you.

If you’re already a GoGet member and have questions about how to use the service, our support site is the best place for you to look.


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A lineup of GoGet cars in a city building car park - GoGet cars are found in car parks in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, and help reduce the competition for parking in the city

How does GoGet work?

GoGet is a car sharing network. We have thousands of cars located all across Australia, including hatchbacks, vans, convertibles, and more. Because there are so many cars located where you’re likely to use them, GoGet can be used instead of owning a car (and it’s cheaper most of the time!).

Once you sign up, you’ll pick up or be sent a smart card. Now, book the car you want for as long as you need it on the GoGet app. You’ll use your smart card to lock and unlock the doors, by holding it to the reader on the windscreen. While the smart card unlocks the car, the ignition key is found on a cable by the steering wheel.

How do I start a GoGet car?

Once you’ve tapped on and got in the car, you’ll find the keys on a cord next to the steering wheel. Sometimes you’ll find them in the door trim or in the centre console. You can use these to start the car. You won’t be able to start the car if you haven’t tapped on.

How do I end a GoGet trip?

To end a GoGet trip, first return the car to its pod. Now tap your smart card against the reader to lock the doors, then get on with your day. Along with the booking you made, tapping off lets us know your booking is complete, there’s nothing extra you need to do.

How do GoGet booking charges work?

There are three types of charges with GoGet. Your membership fee, the hourly fee, and the distance fee. Your membership fee will be an annual or monthly fee, depending on your plan. The hourly fee is charged per hour or per day. The distance fee is 40 cents per kilometre for hourly bookings. On daily bookings 150km are included, and each extra kilometre is 25 cents.

Plans with a higher membership fee offer much lower hourly fees, and are generally the best option if you use GoGet regularly. Each car type also has a difference hourly fee. All of our charges can be found on our Pricing Page.

Does GoGet pay for fuel?

Yes, GoGet pays for fuel, as well as registration, insurance, and maintenance. We do that to make it as simple to use GoGet car share as possible. To fill the tank, use the fuel card located on the car’s key ring. If the card doesn’t work, pay for the fuel and email the receipt to so we can refund you.

We do ask that you never leave a car with less than a quarter tank of fuel when you finish a booking. That’s to make sure the next member to use the car has plenty of fuel when they start their booking. There’s a $25 fine associated with breaking this rule. We pass that on in full to the next member, to make up for the inconvenience of having to refuel right away.

Are GoGet vans automatic?

All GoGet cars are automatic. None of our vehicles are manual, so there’s no need to know how to drive one. We do this to make sure every member can drive every car. Some cars have a sport mode or semi-automatic shifting, so if you prefer driving manual, one of these vehicles might be good for you.

Can I drive GoGet the day I register?

Generally, yes. In order to drive a GoGet right away, you’ll need to do three things.

  1. Sign up for an account online. When prompted, say you’ll pick up a smart card instead of it being delivered.
  2. Visit one of our hundreds of smart card pickup locations (including newsagents and local businesses). You’ll need proof of your identity and your address.
  3. Give us a call on 1300 769 389, and we’ll get you set up.

Can learners drive GoGet cars?

Yes, under certain conditions. Our learner program lets family members of existing GoGet members use our cars to log some hours behind the wheel. The existing member needs to be at least 27 years old, must have been a member for a year, and be on our GoOccasional or GoFrequent plan. Learner drivers are subject to a $2 per hour surcharge. In the event of an accident or damage, the damage cover liability is $3,500.

You can learn more about the GoGet learner program here.

Do I need a full licence for GoGet?

Learner drivers can use GoGet cars on our learner program. Provisional drivers can use GoGet normally, as long as they’ve had a year’s unsupervised driving experience. You can find out more about using GoGet as a learner or provisional driver here.

Can we take GoGet cars outside Sydney/Melbourne/My City?

Yes, you can drive GoGet cars outside the city. There are no restrictions on where you can take the car during your booking, as long as you stay on sealed roads. You’ll need to return the car to its original location though. That means you can take a car for a road trip up or down the coast, but you’ll need to bring it back to the city when you’re done.

Can you change GoGet memberships or GoGet plans?

Absolutely you can! If you’d like to change to another plan the suits your usage better, you can do it online at any time. Some plans do have minimum contract periods, so changing plans may incur a charge.

Can you upgrade from GoStarter to GoOccasional or GoFrequent?

Yes, you can upgrade from GoStarter to GoOccasional or GoFrequent. If you joined on GoStarter to give GoGet a try and now use it regularly, you might save money on a higher usage plan. The hourly fees are much cheaper on GoOccasional and GoFrequent. You can do this online at any time.

Can you change damage cover on GoGet?

We have a standard level of damage cover, but you can reduce it by paying an additional hourly fee. And yes, you can change your damage cover at any time. Just log onto our website and go to the My Account tab.

You can learn more about our damage cover here.

Can you cancel a GoGet membership?

Yes, you can cancel a GoGet membership at any time, as long as you are not subject to a contract. Some of our plans like GoOccasional and GoFrequent require a six month commitment. If you want to cancel within that time, you’ll be charged an early termination fee equal to the remaining membership fees.

What is the GoGet pre-authorisation?

A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold against a credit card or bank account that your bank will place when you first join. The pre-authorisation (normally $250) is placed just once when you sign-up. It’s a very common practice for services like ours, and your bank should release it within 10 business days (some banks can take up to a month).

There is also a $1 pre-authorisation places when you make a booking. This is also released after 10 working days, unless you have another booking in the future. In that case, we don’t double it, the $1 is just held a little longer.

Can I park my car in a GoGet pod?

Only the GoGet car assigned to a particular pod can park in that pod. If you’re driving the GoGet car that lives in that pod, then you can absolutely park it there. If you’re driving a privately owned car, a car from another car sharing service, or a GoGet car that doesn’t live in that pod, then it’s illegal to park there.

Can I have unlimited kms on GoGet?

We have no cap on the number of kilometres you can drive in either an hourly booking or a day booking. In that sense, every GoGet booking has unlimited kilometres. However, not all kilometre charges are included.

For hourly bookings, there is a 40 cent charge for each kilometre driven. For daily bookings, we include 150km every day, and charge 25 cents per kilometre after that.

We know some car rental companies charge for distance different to us. The key difference is that we pay for petrol. That means you have more control over the price of your trip, and there’s no need to worry about how much petrol happens to cost on a particular day.