Sporty, striking and handsome, the Audi A3 is a joy to drive and a little bit luxurious. Not quite a hatchback, the Sportback is roomy while still easy to drive.


  • SeatsĀ 5
  • Leather trim seats
  • 8 speakerĀ audio with Bluetooth
  • Cruise control
  • Audi parking system
  • Electronic stabilisation control with ABS, ASR and EDL
  • 92kW turbo engine
  • 114g CO2 per km (combined)

$49 per Year

$14.45 per Hour
$91 per Day

$12 per Month

$11.30 per Hour
$88 per Day

$30 per Month

$8.35 per Hour
$88 per Day

*additional charges apply. See the Rates page for details.