GoGet: The best second car you never owned

A second car costs you at least $6,000 a year. Swap it for GoGet to drive more cars and save thousands. GoGet isn’t just the best second car you don’t own. It’s the best third car, fourth car, fifth car…

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A grey GoGet Toyota Yaris

“Using GoGet as a second car is so much cheaper. There’s always a GoGet available, even on short notice.” – George


The problem with second cars

There are two things you pay for when owning a car. Standing costs, and running costs. Standing costs includes the price of a car, depreciation, interest, routine maintenance, insurance, and rego. Running costs include petrol, wear and tear, and tyres.

Second cars aren’t very efficient. Most get driven for less than an hour a day, but you’re still paying 24 hours worth of standing costs. Those costs add up to thousands of dollars a year!

GoGet is a smart replacement to a second car. It gives you more car, for much less.


What’s GoGet?

GoGet is a car share network. Our members book a GoGet car by the hour of the day. They find the cars near them, usually on a street or in a car park. They can also use vans, SUVs, convertibles, utes, and people movers.

Instead of paying thousands each year to own a car our members pay a low monthly membership and get access to cars from just $6.50 an hour, plus a distance charge of just 40 cents per kilometre.

Also, we pay for petrol. You’ll soon forget how much it costs, just like we have!


How GoGet works

GoGet How it works Tick Icon GreenJoin

Join on a plan that suits you. Then we’ll mail you or you’ll pick up a smartcard.

GoGet How it works Car Icon light blueBook

Use the app to book your closest car, SUV, van, or ute, for just the time you need.

GoGet How it works Card Icon OrangeSwipe

Use your smart card to unlock the doors of your car. The keys are in the car.

GoGet How it works Go Icon Mid BlueGo!

There’s a fuel card to fill the tank if you get low. Return the car when you’re done.


“GoGet works so well as a second car, and an extra car to get everyone to family functions. Highly recommended.” – Kristine


The cost to own a second car

If you drive less than 10,000km a year, you’ll probably save money with GoGet. In Australia, most second cars drive far less than 8,000km a year, so it’s a good bet!


Driving 3,000km a year

Owning a car: $6,540 *

Using GoGet: $3,089 †

GoGet saves you $3,451

Driving 5,000km a year

Owning a car: $6,944 *

Using GoGet: $5,035 †

GoGet saves you $1,909

Driving 7,000km a year

Owning a car: $7,348 *

Using GoGet: $6,600 †

GoGet saves you $768


Plus, GoGet also gives you access to thousands of cars, including vans, SUVs, utes, hatchbacks, and convertibles.


Detailed cost breakdown (2017 Corolla)

Weekly Standing Costs *

Depreciation: $52.58

Interest: $17.59

On Roads: $43.96

Running Costs, per 100kms *

Fuel: $12.22

Servicing: $7.04

Tyres: $0.91


How much GoGet costs:

Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a second car – whether you use it a lot or not – GoGet lets you pay for a car only when you use it. Here are all the ongoing costs you’ll pay as a GoGet member:

  • GoFrequent Monthly membership: $30
  • Hourly bookings: From $6.50
  • Day bookings: From $76
  • Distance (hourly bookings): 40 cents/km
  • Distance (day bookings): 120km free – then 25 cents/km

You booking covers the costs of fuel, registration, insurance, repairs, and cleaning. You get all the benefits of a second car, with none of the pain or costs of owning one.


Start Saving Today


* Based on the cost of a 2017 Corolla in RACV Car Ownership Cost Report 2018

† Based on a GoGet Yaris driving the same number of miles, with an average of 15km driven per hour booked


“GoGet is a great service, and an excellent way to access a second car when you need one.” – Shannon


GoGet: Easier than a second car

If you own a second car, a Corolla for example, it’s a one trick pony. It’s great at being a Corolla, but that’s it.

A GoGet car can be anything you need! A Hiace van, a BMW convertible, a KIA Carnival people mover, an SUV, or a Hilux ute! 

A GoGet membership is better than any car you could possibly own. It sounds crazy, but GoGet is both cheaper and more convenient than owning your own car.

Never visit a mechanic, never clean your car

GoGet saves you money, but GoGet also saves you time. Petrol, rego, and insurance are all included. So no need to stress about your policy, or if you’re up for renewal.

You’ll also never have to visit the mechanic – we look after that. Our cars are all new and regularly serviced, with any mechanical issues fixed right away.

Plus, GoGet cars are always clean.

GoGet looks after:

A banner with icons and headlines listing what GoGet pays for - GoGet pats for Petrol, registration, Insurance, Repairs, and Cleaning


How GoGet offers more for less

So GoGet offers more cars but at a cheaper price. How on earth could we do that?

Here’s the short answer: Owning a second car is very inefficient. We all need transport, but second cars mostly sit unused. Yet they still cost a fortune!

Each GoGet, however, is shared by up to 30 people, who might only use it weekly monthly. Because we’re only paying for a single car, we can charge you a fraction of the cost.

It’s all part of our missions to make our cities better places, by making sustainability simple (and cheaper, and better).


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A lineup of GoGet cars in the Sydney CBD - goget has a range of vehicles for hire like vans, suvs, and hatchbacks


Where can you find GoGet cars?

But with around 3,000 GoGet cars across Australia, odds are good there’s a car parked just around the corner. We’ve got cars on the street, at shopping centres, carparks, and public transport hubs across the city, and at major airports.


Near your home

GoGet near your employees at home - icon

Near your work

GoGet near your office - icon

Airports and transport hubs

GoGet near airports and transport hubs - icon


Start saving today!

If you want to join the thousands of Australians saving the time and money wasted by owning a second car, it’s time to join GoGet.

Join today on our GoFrequent plan and we’ll waive the normal 6 month contract. It offers our lowest hourly and daily rates for a small monthly fee of just $30. That’s less than half the cost of CTP insurance!

If GoGet doesn’t work for you (which we doubt) you can always cancel or put your account on hold. But we’re very confident you’ll love it, and love the thousands of dollars it will save you!

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