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Celebrate our nation’s multicultural make up with 1500 fantastic Heritage Festival events across Australia during April and May.

Along with the National Trust of Victoria, we’re offering 5 amazing trips to heritage destinations within driving distance of Melbourne. If you’re a GoGet member, have a look below to see where you’d like to go, and register your interest. We’ll cover the car, and the National Trust will provide free entry!

Barwon Park, Winchelsea

Gallipoli Before and Beyond

Gallipoli Re-enactments at Barwon Park Mansion

The Geelong Military Re-enactment Group is presenting two days of action and exhibitions at the historic Barwon Park Mansion.

Visitors will also be able to visit the various encampments of soldiers from Napoleonic British and French units, from WWI, WWII Australian, British, US, Greek, Russian and German units and Australian troops from the Vietnam conflict. Uniforms, weapons, equipment and restored military vehicles including armored cars and tanks will be on display and in action.

Date: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April
Trip time: 1hr 25mins, 113km each way
You get: 2 days free with 300km included. Free entry for up to 4 adults.

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Gulf Station, Yarra Glen

Gulf Station Yarraville

Gulf Station at Yarra Glen

The day will include house and property tours, traditional skills exhibits and demonstrations, music, local vendors, and horses, including the famous Gulf Station Clydesdale Team.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the variety of attractions including special activities for children.

Date: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April
Trip time: 1hr 25min, 113km each way
You get: 2 days free with 300km included. Free entry for up to 4 adults.

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Avenues of Honour, Ballarat Claimed

Avenues of Honour Ballarat

Avenues of Honour at Ballarat

The home of the Avenue of Honour is the district around Ballarat, best known for its iconic avenue of 22km of 3,771 trees planted for each person in the district who enlisted in World War I. This tour includes eight of the most scenic or secret Avenues of Honour in Victoria. Meet at the corner of Honour Ave & Mount Macedon Road in Mount Macedon, and travel via Woodend and Daylesford to finish at the Ballarat Arch of Victory. Guides will be present along the way to share the stories of these Avenues and the Victorians that they honour.

Date: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May
Trip time: 1hr 20 mins, 115km each way
You get: 2 days free with 300km included. Free car entry with tour map.

Mulberry Hill & McCrae Homestead, Mornington Peninsula Claimed

Mullberry Hill Mornington Peninsula

Mullberry Hill, Mornington Peninsula

Mulberry Hill


A trusty Leica camera was a fortuitous gift for a young Francis Reiss. During the latter stages of WWI, at age 17, he began work as a cadet with Picture Post. This popular English publication printed dozens of photographic essays by Reiss, claiming him amongst its ‘greatest photographers’.

McCrae Homestead


Celebrating the life of Geoffrey Godon McCrae, son, brother, grandson and soldier.  Geoffrey was highly thought of by his superiors and soldiers alike but he saw himself just like any other soldier in doing his duty for his country and bringing pride to his family name.  Come and see a display detailing his life and connection to one of the Mornington Peninsula’s first pioneering Families.

Date: Saturday 16th May
Trip time: 1hr 5mins, 90km each way
You get: 2 days free with 300km included. Free entry for up to 4 adults to both events. 

Mooramong, Skipton Claimed

Mooramong near Skipton

Mooramong at Skipton

Built in the early 1860s and remodelled in 1938 to reflect the Hollywood style, this homestead elegantly echoes the lifestyle of D.J.S (Scobie) Mackinnon and his Hollywood screen star wife Claire Adams.

Mooramong is still run as a working farm of 3,854 acres in total and carries 5,000 merino sheep and produces a range of cereal crops.

Normally only open to guests and group tours, Mooramong Homestead will be open for the day for the Heritage Festival. Make it an overnight trip and stay in the recently refurbished guest accommodation.

Date: Sunday 17th May
Trip time: 2hrs 15mins, 195km each way
You get: 3 days free with 450km included. Free entry for up to 4 adults.


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