The GoGet Fleet

Car share members have access to a huge variety of cars. Instead of the same car every week, use the car best suited for your trip (or best suited for your mood!).

Toyota Yaris

Toyota Corolla

KIA Sportage

Toyota Hiace Van

KIA Carnival People Mover

BMW 220i Convertible

We also have Mercedes A180s, Hyundai i30s, Kia Ceratos, Toyota RAV4s and a growing fleet of hybrids including the new Corolla, Prius C and the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander.


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"I really appreciate having access to different vehicles, on demand, at a reasonable price." - Catrin, Bundoora Victoria

But how does it work?

GoGet How it works Tick Icon GreenJoin

There’s a plan for every driver. Find one that suits you and join. Once you're approved we'll mail you a smart card, or you can pick one up.

GoGet How it works Car Icon light blueBook

Find cars near you with the GoGet app or on our website. Book just the hours you need or for a full day, and start driving straight away!

GoGet How it works Card Icon OrangeSwipe

Find your car, hold the smart card to the reader on the windscreen, and the doors will unlock. The ignition key is near the steering wheel.

GoGet How it works Go Icon Mid BlueGo!

Just return the car to its pod with at least a quarter tank of fuel after your trip. We pay for petrol - there's a fuel card in the car to pay for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join GoGet?

Simply click the Join button anywhere on our site to register. Once you've been approved, you'll pick up a GoGet smart card or we'll mail you one. Once your smart card is activated you can start booking cars on GoGet's iPhone or Android app.

How soon can I drive with GoGet?

If you pick up a smart card, you can join GoGet and be in a car on the same day! Sign up online, and elect to pick up a smart card from a pickup location near you. Once you've got your smart card, give us a call to activate it, and you'll be good to go!

How much does GoGet cost?

GoGet plans range from $49 a year to $30 a month, and cars start at $6.50 an hour or $76 a day. GoGet covers the cost of fuel, rego, insurance, and maintenance. We include 120km free for day bookings.

Are there GoGet cars near me?

Probably! There are over 3,000 GoGet vehicles in five Australian cities - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney. You'll find cars parked on the street, in car parks, and at shopping centres and transport hubs. Head to our car availability page to see cars near you.

More Questions?

"Using GoGet as a second car is so much cheaper. There's always a GoGet available, even on short notice." - George

The six golden rules of GoGet

For GoGet to work well for everyone, we have a few rules that members need to follow. They're about protecting you, and to make GoGet a great experience for everyone.


Inspect for damage

Before starting your booking, do a quick check for damage. If you find any, check if it's been reported on the Vehicle Damage Check Form. Call us to report anything not listed.

Leave ¼ tank of fuel

Petrol is on us, so use the fuel card to fill up if you’re running low. The card can be found with the car key, and the PIN is in your booking confirmation email or the GoGet app.

Carry your card

Keep your smart card on you - GoGet cars lock themselves after being inactive for a little while. If you ever lock yourself out of a car, you can always call us for help.

Keep it clean

Tidy up at the end of your trip. Take rubbish with you, brush off any dirt or mess, and take all your things. If the car needs a proper clean, let us know. All our cars are smoke-free.

Return on time

If you’re going to be late, you can extend your booking online, or by using the GoGet App. Refer to your booking confirmation email if you can’t park in the car's dedicated pod.

Turn everything off

Before getting out of the car, make sure the key is out of the ignition, all the lights are off, and the doors and windows are closed. Then lock the car by swiping your smart card. 


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"There is always a car available near us, and the variety of car styles is great. I'm loving GoGet!" - Christian R - Bondi NSW

Why own a car when you can GoGet?

Your new life, free from the costs and hassles of car ownership, is just a short application away! Join GoGet and give us a try.

It doesn't matter whether you use Car Share to replace your main car, to help get by with just one, or just to use for work.

Join GoGet and make your life easier and cheaper today!