NadaLend LeaseGoGet membership gives you access to cars, vans, SUVs and utes in local streets, CBD buildings and shopping centres. So you can take a RAV4 on a long weekend getaway, use a van at IKEA, or use your neighbourhood hatchback to run around, we give Lendlease staff access to our special GoAdvantage plan. The GoAdvantage plan has no joining fee or membership fees, so you can easily join and use GoGet only when you need. GoAdvantage also has low hourly and daily rates, so you can GoGet like your own car, and never pay for petrol, servicing or other boring car costs again. To join GoGet, sign up online here. You can connect your existing GoGet card if you already have one for work, just call us on 1300 769 389 after doing your application and we’ll activate it immediately.

$6.95/hr + $0.40/km
$75/day inc. 150km
$7.45/hr + $0.40/km
$77/day inc. 150km
People Mover
$8.95/hr + $0.40/km
$99/day inc. 150km
$12.95/hr + $0.40/km
$119/day inc. 150km
Vans and SUVs
$8.95/hr + $0.40/km
$88/day inc. 150km
$8.95/hr + $0.40/km
$88/day inc. 150km
  • Some pods incur a location surcharge. This is listed when you choose a car and before you make a booking.
  • Insurance is included, but you can reduce your damage cover from $2000 to $300 by paying $1.75 per hour extra, up to $18 per day.