We want to let you know about important changes being made to our service in your community that will see a Mosman Council Surcharge added to dedicated bays in the Mosman area.

Mosman Council has significantly increased the fees on carshare. Increasing costs from $372 to $986 annually, an increase of 165% in just one year, which significantly increases the costs of providing carshare in the area.

As such we will have to implement a Mosman Council Surcharge on established dedicated bays of $0.60 per hour capped at $6 per day. This is intended to partially recover the cost of this price increase from Council.

We think this significant increase in fees treats Mosman residents and business who use carshare unfairly. Carshare has been shown to reduce congestion, decrease emissions and free up local parking, yet private cars, which do not have these benefits, are only charged between $20 to $150 in fees by Council. 

We would love you to tell your Councillors how this will impact you. You can click on the button below to email your Councillors directly. If you’d like to learn more about the details of this change please read below.


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The Council fee change was inserted into Councils general budget and was not directly communicated to GoGet Staff prior to implementation. This fee makes Mosman the most expensive council in the country for us to operate, and significantly increases the costs of providing affordable access to shared vehicles to our members. 

We never want to leave an area, and take our responsibility to ensure you have access to carshare seriously. As such we will have to implement a surcharge of $0.60 per hour – capped at $6 per day to come close to covering the increased costs this price change has caused. This will only be applicable on dedicated bays provided by Mosman Council over 2 years of age and not applied to new bays or floating locations. However, this accounts for over 80% of all dedicated bays in the area.

We have been in contact with Council about this issue, and have raised the need to implement this Mosman surcharge on carshare bays as a result of these price changes. We hope to work closely with council to effect a change in policy for next year so we can remove this surcharge and keep carshare on a level playing field with private cars who are only charged an annual permit fee between $20 and $150.

We understand the impact this charge will have on you, our members, and if you wish to, please contact your councillors directly and inform them of what car share means for you and your family and your concern about this charge. We are hoping your voice and ours will help them to reconsider these costs and ensure Mosman supports sustainable transport options into the future.

We want to be clear that the implementation of this surcharge is not meant to generate additional revenue, but has been calculated to partially recover the cost of these price changes. Further, we need council to understand that implementing such changes without prior notification, and with such extensive increases from one year to the next fosters a significant amount of business uncertainty for carshare operators. Should further price increases such as this take place, we may have to review the long-term viability of providing carshare in Mosman.

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