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GoGet has teamed up with ODIN Pass to make your travel even easier!

GoGet allows people to conveniently enjoy the benefits of a privately owned vehicle without the fixed costs associated, by only paying for a vehicle when they need to use it, either by the hour or by the day with the option to book online or through the mobile app.

GoGet also takes care of all the costs and annoyance of car ownership like petrol, registration, maintenance, cleaning and parking.


There are over 150 GoGet vehicles parked in accessible locations all over Brisbane – including on Campus.

GoGet offers vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including small & medium hatchbacks, SUVs, and Vans, and you get access to our Sydney and Melbourne network as well for that trip away!


So whether you need to run to a meeting, want a day at the beach, hang out with friends or are moving into a new place – GoGet has got you covered.


GoGet will be sharing usage data of ODIN-Pass users that signup via this page in order for ODIN to offer users rewards and discounts.

If you are already a GoGet member, please email so we can link your ODIN Pass to your GoGet Account