Choosing a car

The easiest way to locate the vehicle of your choice is via our website.

Just click on the Find Cars tab on the GoGet home page.

Enter an address to find cars nearby. GoGet pods will then be shown on the map (we call the car’s dedicated parking spaces “pods”. A green icon means the car is available right now, grey means it is currently booked.)

For further details on a location, simply click on the pod icon on the map.

TIP: We’ll send you email alerts when we add more cars near you, but you can always check here to see what cars are near you now.

Types of vehicles

The majority of our vehicles are Yarises and Corollas at our base rate. We also have vans, utes, people movers, Audis and RAV4s for a little extra per hour or per day.

And before you ask…

…all of our cars are automatic.

On the web, you’ll see a picture of the car, and on the phone you’ll just hear its name. As in:

  • Ida the Yaris Transparent_Rav4_Livery_DarkGrey_website
  • Chardae the RAV4
  • Jurgen the Audi

Get to know and love your local car!

Booking a car

You can reserve a vehicle online or via our iPhone app. In both cases, you will need to know your 8 digit member number and 4 digit access code.

Online booking system: Member log-in
Download our free app: App Store

Inspect for damage

Before you begin your trip, you must check the inside and outside for damage.

We have provided a Damage Report Form (found in the Co-Pilot) to make it easy to record damage to the vehicle.

If you find any damage, please check the Damage Report. If the damage hasn’t been recorded or if an entry is missing an incident number, please call GoGet straight away, before you start driving. We will give you a report number that you can add to the Damage Report.

Please note, if a member finds new or unreported damage, it will be assumed to have been caused by the previous member to have used the car. Reporting damage at the very start of your booking is the best way to let us know you aren’t responsible.

Also, if any damage occurs during your booking, please call the office immediately.

TIP: To report damage out of office hours, just call us on 1300 769 389 and leave a message with your name, membership number and name of the car you have booked and a description of the damage. We’ll call you back during business hours if we need any more information.

Accessing the car

Your smart card is your key to the GoGet network. Make sure you have it with you whenever you have a booking – you won’t get into a car without it!

To access your GoGet car:

  • Book your car – If you’re booking a car you haven’t used before, allow ten to fifteen minutes after you make the booking before you try to access the car. The car needs a few minutes to receive your booking details so that it recognises your card.
  • Go to the car – you’ll receive a booking confirmation email with the exact location of where your car is parked. Sometimes, the member before you won’t be able to return the car to its pod. If this happens, there will be a note in your confirmation email letting you know where to find the car.
  • Swipe! – The card reader is a small black box on the driver’s side of the windscreen – this is where you swipe your card. Just hold your smart card over the box – the solid green light will start flashing and you’ll hear the doors unlock. You’re ready to jump in (after doing a quick damage check)!
  • Drive – the ignition key is on a retractable cord under the steering wheel – usually by your right knee when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat. Just pull up the key and put it in the ignition! Be sure to take out the key whenever you turn off the car and it’ll retract back to its spot.
  • Locking the car – whenever you leave the car, use your swipe card to lock the doors. It’s very important that you don’t use the ignition key to lock and unlock the car, as this upsets the reader.

TIP: If the car you’ve booked isn’t letting you in, or the car doesn’t start, feel free to book another car nearby and email with a brief note about what happened. We’ll fix up your booking and send someone to attend to the problematic car.

Inside the car

Everything you need for a safe and convenient trip is located inside the vehicle. Each vehicle comes with a Co-Pilot – your second in command with information and quick tips on everything from how to refuel, where to find the jack and spare tyre in a car and what to do in case of an accident. Each car also has a fuel card attached to the key that you can use to fill up. Some cars have parking passes as well – you’ll find these attached to a curly cord holder on the driver’s door.

TIP: Did you leave something in the car? You can swipe into a car to retrieve an item without being charged. If it’s not there, email with a description and we’ll see if anybody has reported it.


Be sure to return the vehicle at the end of your trip in a clean condition and with at least ¼ tank of petrol. If you don’t, you inconvenience the next member to use the car.

That member has the option to charge you a penalty if the vehicle is not refuelled and they are seriously inconvenienced.

There is a fuel card inside the car which works at all major fuel stations throughout Australia. The card is attached to the ignition key. To refuel, fill up at any major fuel station. Check your confirmation email for the fuel car PIN – then use the card to pay for fuel and enter the PIN like you would for a regular EFTPOS payment.

On the rare occasion that a petrol station will not accept fuel card or the fuel car is not working, simply pay yourself and send a copy of the itemised receipt – showing the price per litre and number of litres purchased – to and we will reimburse you on your next GoGet invoice.


You will be charged for the hours you book a vehicle and for the kilometres you travel.

If you return the car earlier than you expected, you will still be charged for the whole booking.

Hint: Your trip will always be the cheapest of the ‘day’ or ‘hourly’ rates for the plan you are on.

For example:

If you book a car for 10 hours, at the GoOccasional hourly rate of $8.45, that would come to $84.50 plus the kilometre charges.

But because the daily rate on the GoOccasional plan is only $72, we will automatically apply the day rate to give you the best price. That means it will be $72, and you’ll get 150 kilometres free!

For further details on our rates, click here.

TIP: GoGet offers “free hours” between midnight and 6am. That means there’s no hourly charge, but kilometres and reduced insurance rates are still charged. You’ll still need to make a booking as usual.

Your bill

You will receive an activity statement every month, with details of your use from the previous month. This is emailed to you early in the following month – for instance, you’ll receive your April invoice around the second week of May.

Your invoice will have a charge date, that is the date we will charge the credit or debit card we have on file for you. This date is not the same each month, so check your invoice for when you can expect to be charged.

If you have any questions about your activity statement, please email We attend to all billing enquiries before charging date. Please notify us if your billing information, such as address, phone numbers, credit card or email address changes.

TIP: Failure to notify us of changes to your payment information may result in a suspension of your account if you have outstanding payments.

Rights and Responsibilities


Always make a booking: There is no cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled within one hour of making the reservation or more than 48 hours before the start of the booking. This stops members reserving cars then cancelling at the last minute, which prevents other members from using them. Members will be charged standard rates for all hours reserved.

Late return: If a member is late returning a car, they are charged $25. If another member had that car booked, the late member will be charged an extra $25 ($50 in total). We may decide to not charge a late fee if the late member phoned us in advance to let us know that they are running late. However, if another member had the car booked the $25 charge for inconveniencing them will stand.

Flat battery: Members must ensure all lights (inside and outside) are switched off at the end of each booking, and that the car key is removed from the ignition. Failure to do so could result in a flat battery. If a member is found to have flattened the battery there is a $95 fee: $25 goes to the inconvenienced member, and $70 goes towards sending someone out immediately to replace the battery.

Vehicle unusable: If a car is returned and the next member cannot use it (because there is no ignition key or no fuel, for example), the member who returned the car in an unusable state will be charged a $95 fee and other costs. $25 of this fee will be paid to the member who had booked the car but could not use it.

Emergency vehicle cleaning: Emergency car cleaning if the car is dirty (smoking in the car, pet in a non-pet friendly car, very dirty interior or exterior) and the next member cannot use it, there is a fine of $80 plus the costs of cleaning the car.

Ignition key: If a member loses a car key they will be charged $60 plus the cost of getting a new key.

Investigation: If we have to spend time investigating issues caused by a member, such as parking or speeding fines or damage to a car, the responsible member will be charged a $25 investigation fee plus any costs we have to pay.

At-fault damage: Members will be charged repair costs for any at-fault damage to a vehicle, up to the $1500 excess. Members who do not report damage at the start of their booking and log the damage with a report number will be charged up to $1500. Call us on 1300 769 389 at the start of your booking to report new damage and receive a report number.

Smoking or carrying a pet without a carrier: There is an $80 penalty for smoking in a vehicle or carrying pets without a pet carrier (except where it is specifically stated that a car is ‘pet friendly’).


The car will be there: You will receive a $25 inconvenience credit towards other travel arrangements if the car you booked cannot be used and there is no other car available nearby.

The car will work: If there is a breakdown due to a mechanical problem, you will receive a $25 inconvenience credit (Does not apply to flat tyres).

The car will be clean: We clean the interiors every fortnight and the exteriors every month. If you dirty the car and clean it, you will receive up to $5 in reimbursement credit for washing vehicle plus reimbursement of up to $11 in costs (receipt required).

The car will have 1/4 tank of petrol: If the previous member leaves the car with less than 1/4 tank of fuel, please completely fill up using the fuel card and email or fax a copy of the full, itemised fuel receipt (with the price per litre, number of litres purchased and time and date clearly shown) and we can penalise the previous member. NOTE: DO NOT leave any fuel receipts in the car. All fuel receipts must be sent through to us. 

TIP: If another member inconveniences you, you are entitled to a $25 ‘inconvenience credit’, which you can use towards the cost of a cab or other travel arrangements.


GoGet’s fleet insurance policy covers you while you’re driving our cars.

In the event of an accident, you (or your organisation) are responsible for up to $1500 (or $2000 if you are under 25 years of age) for damage caused to our or other vehicles.

If you are judged to be not at fault and we have the at-fault driver’s details, the excess will be refunded to you once the insurer has made their assessment.

If you fail to report damage and we determine that you are responsible, you will be responsible for $1500 (or $2000 if you are under 25) for repairs.

You can reduce your excess from $1500 to $300 by paying $1.50 per hour. (A minimum of $5 per trip and a maximum of $18 per 24-hour period applies.)

To reduce your excess simply log on to our website using your username and access code and select ‘My Membership & Bookings.’

TIP: Inside the Co-Pilot is a Damage Report Form – you can check here to see if there is any new damage at the start of your booking.

Prohibited uses of GoGet vehicles


  • Allow someone who is not an approved GoGet member to drive a GoGet vehicle (including family members);
  • Drive a GoGet vehicle without a prior reservation;
  • Carry persons or property for hire (e.g. taxi or parcel delivery service). You may use the car for business purposes, such as attending meetings;
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants;
  • Drive a GoGet vehicle for any illegal purpose or in the commission of a crime;
  • Drive off graded or paved roads or driveways;
  • Carry more passengers than the vehicle has seatbelts for, or fail to ensure that all occupants fasten their seatbelts, including yourself, the driver;
  • Load the vehicle beyond its rated capacity;
  • Carry animals in the vehicle, without an airline type carrier (except in pet-friendly cars);
  • Smoke, or allow smoking in the vehicle.

Remember, the rules are there to make it easy to share!

Nic and Bruce.