How does GoGet help with parking?

GoGet members don’t have their own car to park

Without GoGet, 55% of our members say they would need to buy a car – and most say it would have to be parked on-street. In total, across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, the effect of this has been to free up 54.82 kilometres of kerbside parking space.

Sharing is more efficient

The average Australian car sits unused most of the day, but GoGet cars are shared between 34 members. Because local GoGet members share cars instead of buying their own, a single GoGet takes 14 cars off the road.

GoGet members drive less

Only 7.8% of GoGet members drive to work, compared to about 65% for the general population. That means fewer cars clogging major roads and competing for inner city parking. GoGet members are also much more likely to use public transport, walking and cycling to do things like visiting family, going for coffee and buying groceries, which reduces parking demand all around the city.

Why do people use GoGet?

GoGet is easy

Our aim is to be easier and more convenient than car ownership. By locating cars in apartment buildings and residential streets, our members can use our cars like their own. Studies have shown that if people need to walk more than 250m for a carshare car, they’re not likely to use carshare at all.

Sharing is cheaper

Owning a car involves paying a lot of fixed costs. Things like car payments, registration, regular servicing, etc. need to be paid whether you drive every day, or only drive every now and then. Carshare allows members to split these fixed costs according to use, and unless you drive a lot, it usually works out cheaper. We estimate we save our members about $5400 each year, which they can then spend on things they want to, instead of boring car costs.

Join us

If GoGet is in your neighbourhood, you don’t need to own a car! Or if you do need a car, maybe you don’t need to own a second car, with GoGet on hand when you need extra wheels. Sign up here and try us out for yourself.