GoGet is a car sharing service, which gives members access to cars by the hour. When people use car share, they often sell their car or put off buying another one. That reduces both traffic congestion and the demand for parking.

If a GoGet car has been placed in your neighbourhood, you’re already benefiting. Here are some of the most interesting findings from our own research, as well as from the research of independent academics:


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Most private cars are only used for an average of 1 hour a day

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GoGet cars are shared by over 30 members, which is more efficient

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Without GoGet, 55% of members say they’d buy a car, and most would park it on the street

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Only 7.8% of GoGet members drive to work, compared to 64% for the general population

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GoGet members are more likely to use public transport and active transport

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A typical member saves thousands each year with GoGet. Businesses save tens of thousands!


How GoGet increases parking availability

Research consistently shows car share reduces the number of private cars in a neighbourhood, increasing available parking and reducing traffic (our references are below). This happens because car share lets people live car-free, or without owning more than one car. Here’s how it works:

1. Locals join GoGet

When a GoGet car is put in a suburb, we tell current members and anyone on our waiting list. As soon as more cars are deployed we receive new applications from locals. Some of them just want to try out the service, while some want access to different types of cars. But many of them join GoGet to achieve step 2…

2. Members don’t own cars

With a GoGet membership car ownership becomes optional, and there’s no need to own a lightly used second car. By selling their cars, our members get a cash injection, then save thousands of dollars a year on the cost of car ownership! That leads to step 3…

3. Parking availability increases, traffic decreases

With less people owning cars there are less cars parking on the street, so parking is easier for locals who still need to own a car. GoGet members drive half as much as they did before they joined, which directly reduces congestion.

In fact, each GoGet reduces the number of private cars by 10. That’s 10 less cars taking up parking and adding to traffic on your morning commute. This is backed up by multiple, independent studies from Australia and around the world.



Benefit from GoGet today

If there’s a GoGet in your area, you’re already benefiting from car share. Over time, the vehicle will replace ten private cars, increasing parking availability on your street and reducing traffic congestion. You don’t need to do anything, it will happen naturally.

You can also benefit by joining GoGet and using the vehicle yourself. Whether you want to save money by replacing a car, or want access to vans, SUVs, and convertibles whenever you feel like it, a GoGet membership can help you. You might even be able to live completely car-free!



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