Powered by GoGet is an integrated fleet management solution that:

  • Allows you to seamlessly combine your owned fleet vehicles with GoGet’s shared fleet of over 2,100 vehicles across Australia
  • Gives you the flexibility to scale your vehicle up or down to meet peak needs without investing capital in unproductive assets
  • Uses an intuitive and intelligent management platform to create a realtime view of your fleet operations (you’ll instantly know vehicle availability)
  • Provides smart card vehicle access and advanced telematics (no more key handouts or paper logbooks)

With Powered by GoGet , your staff can easily transition between your pool vehicles and thousands of GoGet vehicles parked throughout Australia, cutting costs, saving time and delivering maximum convenience.

We manage your drivers. No longer worry about licence checks and infringements; we’ve got that covered. We track every vehicle use with a unique swipe card system, eliminating paperwork and confusion. Every month, we provide comprehensive  monthly utilisation reports that will enable you to discover even greater savings.

  • Book fleet vehicles online or through our app
  • No more key handouts
  • Transparent fleet usage
  • Scale your fleet with GoGet

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