As an Employee of Quantium, you get access to membership on GoGet’s GoAdvantage plan which gives you access to some of GoGet’s lowest rates with no joining or monthly fees.

GoGet membership gives you access to our network of over 2,300 cars, vans, SUVs and convertibles in local streets, CBD buildings, Airports and shopping centres. So you can take a RAV4 on a long weekend getaway, use a van at IKEA, or use your neighbourhood hatchback to run around.

GoGet out there

Booking any car is as easy as downloading the GoGet app, logging in online or calling our office.

We’re excited to help you take advantage of this special deal, so if you have any questions or need help, we’re always available at 1300 769 389 or on


$0 a month

$6.95/hr + $0.40/km
$77/day inc. 150km
$7.95/hr + $0.40/km
$79/day inc. 150km
People Mover
$9.25/hr + $0.40/km
$105/day inc. 150km
$13.20/hr + $0.40/km
$125/day inc. 150km
$9.20/hr + $0.40/km
$91/day inc. 150km
$9.25/hr + $0.40/km
$90/day inc. 150km
$9.25/hr + $0.40/km
$90/day inc. 150km
BMW Convertible
$14/hr + $0.40/km
$130/day inc. 150km

Already a member?

If you’re already a member for work or personal just email us at with your member number and details and we’ll take care of the transfer.