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Refer a friend and we’ll give you both a $25 booking promo.

GoGet is better with friends

GoGet works best when you have lots of cars near where you work, and where you live. That makes it about as convenient as owning a car (without the hassles).

But if there are only a few members in your area, it’s less likely we’ll put more cars in. On the other hand, if lots of members start popping up, and the existing cars get used a lot, we’ll probably put a new vehicle down soon.

So if you get a lot of mates into using GoGet, not only will you be flush with booking promos, but you’re also more likely to see more vehicles nearby. That also means you’ll probably get access to a better range of vehicles, like vans, SUVs, and hatchbacks.

How do I refer a friend to GoGet?

  1. Log into your account on the web and copy your referral URL from the “My Account” page.
  2. Send your link to your friends and tell them to sign-up using your link (this is the easiest way for them and, and for us to credit you both).
    Alternatively, you can ask them to enter your full name into the ‘How did you hear about us’ section of the sign-up form
  3. Once they’re approved and have completed their first booking you’ll both be emailed your $25 booking promo.

Easy, right?

Does GoGet have an affiliate program?

If you’re an influencer or blogger, you might want to let followers know about GoGet, and how we make it easy to save time and money by not owning a car. While we don’t have an official affiliate program, you can use refer-a-friend as a semi-affiliate offer. 

Just share your referral link with your audience and let them know they can get a $25 booking promo when they sign-up to GoGet.

Once they’ve been approved and booked, we’ll email both of you, your $25 booking promo! Help us sign up a thousand new members and you’ll be sitting pretty 😉

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