We’re sorry to hear that your regular car is off the road but glad to help out if you need a car during your repair period.

As part of your claims service, you now have access to 12 months free GoStarter membership valued at $49 and up to $87 in driving credit[1] or $136 in total value. Your driving credit is enough for a full day in a Corolla incl 120kms or a bunch of shorter bookings to the same value.

Your new GoGet membership gives you access to cars, vans, SUVs and utes in local streets, CBD buildings and shopping centres for an hour at a time, a day or longer. So, you can take a RAV4 with some friends and family, grab a van to move house or use your neighbourhood hatchback to run around town. All with easy smartcard access and no extra charges for fuel or standard insurance.

GoStarter rates and fees

Booking cars is as easy as downloading the GoGet app, logging in online or calling our office.

We hope you enjoy your GoGet experience and that your own car is back on the road soon.

Click below to take advantage of your special offer and don’t forget to add your claim number under Section 3 on the first page of the signup form in the “member’s full name” field.

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Already a member?

If you’re already a member for work or personal just email us at biz@goget.com.au with your member number and details and we’ll take care of the transfer.


[1] Driving credit is inclusive of hourly rates, per km charges and optional damage reduction fees up to $87. Any additional charges together with tolls, late return or similar charges will be charged to the members registered credit card. Note: Driving credit expires at the conclusion of your claim.