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About the area

Parramatta locals are realising how easy it is to hire cars with GoGet. Book a car parked near you in Parramatta by the hour or by the day, and drive straight to your destination. Whether you live, work or visit Parramatta, GoGet is the easiest way to get around Western Sydney.

Go straight there

Public transport in Parramatta is great for getting into the city, but not so easy for getting around other parts of Western Sydney. With GoGet, you can hire a car from near the station and from buildings in the CBD, and drive directly to where you need to go.

Save on car costs and hassles

GoGet is a great alternative to car ownership and car rental. You can hire cars parked near you for as long or as little as you need, and only pay for the time you have the car and the kilometres you drive. If you only need a car every now and then, join GoGet and stop paying for fuel, CTP, green slips, insurance, servicing and all those boring car costs.

Life's easier when you GoGet

1. Choose a plan and join

Apply online and get your GoGet smartcard

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Choose the right vehicle for you, and book it in for a few hours of a few days.

3. Tap on

Go to the car you've booked and tap on with your smartcard. The keys are in the car!

4. Drive away

Go somewhere fun, get to a meeting or move heavy things with your wheels. When you're finished, return the car to its home and tap off.