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Central Park Sydney – home to Australia’s biggest carshare pod

Property developers are increasingly turning to car share as a selling point for their residential developments. The trend has gained momentum across Australia’s capital cities with Sydney and Melbourne seeing a host of new projects offer car share to prospective residents.  Developers have also reported that many buyers seek out residential developments that have car share, making it an important factor in their decision to purchase.

Tristan Sender, CEO of GoGet, said, “We are now seeing the pace increasing at a stunning rate.  Developers have recognised that car share is a natural addition to almost any building and they’re using GoGet as a selling point for their projects.”

The trend is also fuelled by the growing number of apartment buildings being built either without any parking or with only a limited number of spaces.  On-site car share allows developers to offer apartments without a car space, while still providing access to vehicles. Developers are also turning to car share as they adapt to new regulations that permit the elimination of car spaces, saving construction costs which can then be passed on through lower unit prices.  A recent article in The Sydney Morning Herald outlined the impact on developers of these new design standards.

GoGet’s recent launch of its first ever SuperPod with Frasers Property and Sekisui House at Central Park Sydney underscores this trend. The partnership saw the $2 billion residential development host a large group of cars, up to 60 at the project’s completion. Central Park Sydney was recently judged the world’s best tall building.

Eight other Sydney apartment complexes have also incorporated car share, including Southbank, Belvedere Apartments in North Sydney, Ravina Apartments in Kensington, Trio Apartments in Camperdown, Divercity in Waterloo and Newtown’s Flourmill Studios.  Melbourne also has a large number of such projects, both completed and in process.

Guy Pahor, CEO of Frasers, said, “Frasers Property has long been a supporter of the GoGet initiative, having introduced a car share pod at our Trio development in Camperdown back in late 2009.  The GoGet car sharing facility at Central Park may well become the busiest in Australia.”

Car share gives developers a low-cost lifestyle benefit for their residents.  Even residents who own a car benefit from on-site car share, for those times they need an extra car or special purpose vehicle.  With car share these residents don’t need to buy a second car, or worry about the hassle and expense of finding parking for it since the vehicle is already housed in their complex.

GoGet also works with councils, security providers and strata to ensure on-site car share solutions are managed at every stage of the project development.

“In new developments, it frees up more room for living space, and there are real sustainability and community benefits, too,” Sender said.


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