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GoGet has partnered with Travancore On The Park to make your travels even easier! 

GoGet is just like having your own car, but cheaper and with none of the hassles. With GoGet, rego, insurance, maintenance, parking and even petrol are all included. 

GoGet membership gives you access to cars, vans, SUVs and utes in local streets, shopping centres, work/office and your neighbourhood. So you can take a RAV4 on a long weekend getaway, use a van at IKEA, grab a car for a business meeting or an economy car just to get around, we give Travancore On The Park residents 1-year free membership on our GoOccasional plan. All the normal joining fees and membership fees are waived for Travancore residents, saving you $169!


$12 a month

Small Hatchback
$9.70/hr + $0.40/km
$81/day inc. 150km
Medium Hatchback
$10.70/hr + $0.40/km
$84/day inc. 150km
People Mover
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$118/day inc. 150km
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$93/day inc. 150km
$11.90/hr + $0.40/km
$93/day inc. 150km
$10.70/hr + $0.40/km
$84/day inc. 150km
BMW Convertible
$16.95/hr + $0.40/km
$140/day inc. 150km
$12.80/hr + $0.40/km
$104/day inc. 150km

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