There are lots of reasons to rent a van. Maybe you’re moving house, putting things in storage, purchasing furniture, or need a van for work. Whatever the reason, hiring a van is the way to go.

Unfortunately, renting a van isn’t always easy. Until now.

GoGet van rental makes hiring a van easy thanks to GoGet’s Car Share technology. Old-school van hire means going to a van rental office, filling out forms in triplicate, and reading complex and expensive insurance agreements. With GoGet you apply once, then get instant access to thousands of cars all over Australia, including hundreds of Toyota Hiace vans.

Keen to know more? This post lays out exactly how GoGet van rental works, and how it can work for you.

“Using GoGet as a second car is so much cheaper. There’s always a GoGet available, even on short notice.” – George

What is GoGet?

GoGet is a car-sharing network. Our 150,000+ members have access a huge range of vehicles without having to own multiple cars themselves. Some members use us to hire a specialty vehicle every now and then – we have utes, vans, and convertibles. Other members use us instead of owning a car at all, driving hatchbacks, SUVs, and people movers.

GoGetters pay a low yearly or monthly membership fee, which lets us offer very low hourly and daily booking rates – much lower than a traditional car and van rental companies. Members can hire vehicles for as little as an hour, or as long as several days. It’s super flexible.

With over 3,000 vehicles in six Australian cities, GoGet gives you access to a van where and when you need one, even if you’re away from home.

How does GoGet van hire work?

Once you’ve joined GoGet we’ll mail you a smart card, or you’ll pick one up at a newsagent near you. Now you can book a GoGet van and jump in – simple as that! Take the van for as long as you’ve got it booked, then return it when you’re done.

Whether you hire a van for an hour, a few hours, or a few days, we can get you behind the wheel within an hour – just pick up a card with your ID. Remember, you’ll only need to sign up once. As soon as you’re a GoGet member, you can rent a van when and where ever you like! You’ll also have access to a huge range of other vehicles, including people movers, hatchbacks, convertibles, and SUVs.

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Man loading a flat pack into a GoGet van in an IKEA car park - car share vs car ownership

How else you could rent a van: A van rental comparison

Depending on why you need to hire a van, there are different van rental options. Here they are, listed with pros and cons.

Van rental from car hire companies

Some old-school car hire companies offer light commercial van rental (i.e. moving van rental) as well as truck rental. Some companies offer camper van hire through their main brand and light commercial vans through a separate site – make sure you don’t accidentally book a Kombi!


  • You have the option of truck hire
  • Interstate hire is sometimes possible


  • Limited locations for rental van pickup
  • Inflexible rental agreements with no option for hourly van rental
  • Complex insurance can leave you exposed to a huge excess, or add a lot to your rental fee
  • Interstate moves will cost you a lot more

Van rental from private individuals

Some websites let people rent out their vans, and van hire is available on some classifieds sites.


  • Potentially cheaper van rental


  • Zero quality control on the van’s mechanical performance
  • Much older vans than those from professional van hire
  • No van hire contract in case something goes wrong
  • No guarantee on availability

Van Rental from GoGet

Of course, GoGet van hire solves many of these issues.


  • Vans located near you, to book when you need them
  • High availability and bookings are guaranteed
  • Flexible and affordable bookings, with a minimum of just one hour
  • East to understand and reasonably priced damage waiver, which can be reduced


  • Interstate moves are not offered (although prices are lower as a result)

GoGet Van with a blue sky. With GoGet you can have affordable van hire, and rent a van by the hour or by the day

How much is it to rent a van with GoGet?

When renting a van from GoGet you’ll pay a small membership fee, an hourly or daily rate, and a distance charge. Unlike van rental companies, fuel is included with GoGet car and van rental. You won’t pay a cent for petrol, and you’ll only need to fill up if the tank drops under a quarter full.

Membership starts at $49 per year on GoStarter. If you’ll only use GoGet every few months, this could be a good plan. If you think you’ll use us once a month or more, GoOccasional and GoFrequent might be better plans. They cost $12 and $30 per month respectively, but they offer much lower hourly rates. If you use us more than a few hours each month, these plans end up cheaper.

Booking rates are charged by the day or the hour and are different for each plan.

  • GoStarter: van hire is $14.45 per hour, or $91 per day
  • GoOccasional: van hire is $11.30 per hour, or $91 per day
  • GoFrequent: van hire is $8.35 per hour, or $91 per day

Distance charges are different for hourly and daily booking. For hourly bookings, you only pay for the distance you drive, at 40 cents per kilometre. Daily bookings have 120km included free, after which we charge 25 cents per kilometre.

Fuel is included in the hourly rate.

There is also a one-off, $1 pre-authorisation we place on your credit card. This isn’t a charge as such, it’s a hold we put on those funds for security. Your bank will release the funds back into your account within 10 business days (slightly longer for some banks, including CBA). We only do this once, unlike some can rental companies that do it for every booking.

Traditional car rental companies will ask you to wade through complicated and expensive insurance policies, often with a default excess of over $5,000! With GoGet, we have a simple damage waiver, which is a maximum of $2,000 for drivers over 25 years old. This can be lowered to $300 for an extra $1.75 per hour, up to a maximum of $18 a day. We keep our damage waiver simple, so you don’t have to worry.

“Hiring a Go Get is really easy…at first it was a bit weird not having a desk to to go to, but that ended up being the best thing. Find your car, whip out your access card and drive away. Customer service is only a phone call away. Cars in great condition too.”
Amanda, Product Review

What will renting a van today cost you?

On GoStarter, here’s how much a few typical booking might cost. This is after you’ve joined, so doesn’t include the annual fee.

3 hour booking:

  • $43.35 booking fee 
  • $12 distance charge (30km)
  • $0 fuel cost

GoGet Total: $55.35 – fuel is included

Old-school Van Rental: $120.85 – plus additional fuel costs

1 day booking:

  • $91 booking fee 
  • $0 distance charge (120km included)
  • $0 fuel cost

GoGet Total: $91 – fuel is included

Traditional Van Rental: $120.85 – plus additional fuel costs

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A side shot of a GoGet van chock full of Christmas Presents, a sign reads Sydney Basket Brigade. Sydney Basket Brigade used GoGet vans to pickup and deliver Christmas presents to the needy at Christmas.

Where can I rent a van from GoGet?

Hiring a van from GoGet is super convenient, as you won’t have to travel to the airport or inner city to find a van rental office. You just book your nearest van on the app, then use your smart card to start the booking.

So where are GoGet vans? With around 400 vans, you’ll find them in car parks, at shopping centres, and on a street near you! You’ll also find GoGet vans at:

  • Every IKEA in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney
  • Most Kennards Self Storage locations in those cities
  • At major shopping centres, such as Homemaker centres

Find your closest GoGet van!

GoGet van rental Sydney

GoGet makes Sydney van rental super easy – with more vehicles in Sydney than any other car share service, you more likely to be able to find a van to hire near you.

GoGet van rental Melbourne

Melbourne was the second city GoGet expanded to, and our rental vans have great coverage across the city.

GoGet van rental Brisbane

GoGet’s Brisbane van rental locations include several car parks in the CBD, as well as IKEA and Kennards locations across the city.


Hire a van from GoGet today!

“I was very happy with my first GoGet experience. I needed the use of a van, and although I had to join on short notice and make a last minute booking, it all worked with no problem. Great, innovative, clever service – thank you.”
‘Happy Customer’, Product Review

What are you waiting for? Join GoGet with a simple online form, pickup a smart card, and you could be on your way to moving, making a pickup, or heading to that job within the hour! As well as renting a van from us, once you’re a member you’ll also have access to our entire fleet of cars.

Renting a van doesn’t need to be hard work. We make it easier for you, so you can stop worrying and focus on getting things done.

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Woman Walking from a GoGet van carrying camera equipment - GoGet car share vs owning a car