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Need A Car but Don’t Own One?

Why not use a GoGet? It’s convenient, cheap and easy.

We have plenty of vehicles to choose from AND if you’re a full-time student at University of Queensland you can sign up for FREE on our GoStudent plan and start driving for as little as $6.55/hr (+$0.40/km), or $74/day (inc. 150km free).

Which is pretty good considering how expensive actually owning a car can be… by the time you buy the metal, pay for the rego, cough up the insurance and factor in all the ongoing costs like petrol, parking, maintenance and tolls… it adds up.

Not to mention the considerably hefty environmental footprint a privately-owned vehicle contributes to our greenhouse gas emissions.

With GoGet, you don’t need to worry. All the annoying (and somewhat forgotten & hidden) costs of owning a car are taken care of and did we mention you don’t need to pay fuel?

You can become a GoGet member at any age and all you need:

  • • Valid driving license (held at minimum for 1 year)
  • • Proof of full-time enrolment (you will need to do this each semester to stay on the plan)
  • • Have a valid payment method at the ready and you’ll be all set!

*If you want to learn more about how GoGet is positively contributing to our environment, we have a whole page dedicated to it! Make sure you have a look.


Sign up FREE today

Students of the University of Queensland get 1-year free membership on GoGet’s GoStudent plan which gives you access to some of GoGet’s lowest rates with no joining or monthly fees.


$35 a year

From $6.70/hr + $0.40/km
$76/day inc. 150km

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