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The easiest way to hire a van in Sydney and Melbourne.
Helping you move house, take home furniture and get your business delivering.

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Hiring a GoGet van is easy

Hourly bookings

Book just the time you need, as little as an hour or a few days.

Includes fuel

Fill up on us if you get low, it’s all part of the service.


Vans are parked around the corner and where you need them most.

Ready to go 24x7

Book with the app, tap your member card and drive.

Vans when and where you need them

You can hire GoGet vans from on-street locations near you, and from central locations like IKEA stores, shopping centres and business parks.

Near your business
Near your home
At IKEA and shopping centres
Get a GoGet van for
per hour
+ $0.40/km

Move house with a GoGet van

Our vans drive just like a car, but they fit everything. Great for moving out, moving in or just moving around, you can to do it yourself easily with a GoGet van.

Examples of things GoGet vans can fit:
Queen size mattress
Regular sized sofa
Surfboards, ski gear and mountain bikes
Business van hire for
per hour
+ $0.40/km

Business Vans

Deliver that big order, get your gear on-site or set up a market stall anywhere with a GoGet van.

Our vans can help you with:
Film and photography gear
Market stall stands, tables and stock
Deliveries of print stock, furniture and other goods

Delivery Vans

GoGet vans live at IKEA stores, shopping centres, storage facilities and all kinds of handy locations. If you find yourself with bulky things to get home, grab a GoGet van and deliver it yourself.

Get your bulky new purchases home with GoGet:
Kitchen sinks, bath tubs and shower screens
Flat pack furniture
Windows, doors, plants and garden furniture

Van specs

Seats 2
Internal cargo dimensions: 2.93m long, 1.545m wide, 1.33m high
Total cargo space: 6m3
Bluetooth sound system
GPS sat nav and reverse camera (selected vans only)
Automatic transmission
External height: 1.98m - No issues with bridges, overpasses and car parks

Compare with rental

You can hire GoGet vans from on-street locations near you, and from central locations like IKEA stores, shopping centres and business parks.

GoGet Vans

Book for just the time you need, a few hours or a few days
Parked in your neighbourhood, at IKEA and in other shopping centres
24/7 self service access
Instant, on-demand access using our app
We pay for fuel, and only refuel if it gets below ¼ tank
$2000 damage cover, or reduce to $300
Easy usage rates, by the hour or by the day

Van Rental

Inflexible day bookings
Pick up from a depot somewhere
Office hours only
Make a reservation, do paperwork
Pay for fuel and fill up before you return
Eye-watering excess charged for minor damage
Prices vary by day of the week, the weather, public holidays, limited specials

Van FAQs

How old can you be to hire a van?

All GoGet members can drive our vans, and GoGet membership is open to anybody with at least 1 year’s driving experience. That means you can be any age, as long as you’ve at least had your red Ps for 1 year.

Can you hire a van under 21?

Yes, we welcome all ages, as long as you have at least 1 year’s driving experience (red Ps and above). There are no additional booking charges for younger drivers, but the damage cover liability is higher: $2000 over 25 and full licence, $2500 between 21-25, and $3000 if you are under 21. In case of damage or an accident, you are charged the full amount, but refunded any difference with the actual cost of repairs.

How much is van hire insurance?

Insurance is included in van hires, as with all GoGet bookings. In the event of an accident or damage to the van, you may be charged your damage cover liability.

Over 25: $2000 (reducible to $300)
Between 21-25: $2500
Under 21: $3000

If you’re over 25, you can reduce your damage cover liability to $300 by paying a little extra on your bookings. The damage cover liability surcharge is $1.75/hour, maximum $18 per day.

How much can a GoGet van fit?

The internal dimensions of the cargo space in GoGet vans are: 2.93m long, 1.545m wide, 1.33m high

The total volume is 6m3 and the total payload weight is 1 tonne.

How much does van hire cost?

GoGet is a membership based service, and usage rates are based on which membership plan you choose.

If you only need a van as a once-off, join GoStarter. Membership costs $49/year, and gives you access to vans for $14.45/hour + $0.40/km or $91/day inc. 150kms.

We also have other plans with lower rates for regular users, businesses, students and seniors. View all our rates and plans at goget.com.au/rates. Keep in mind vans are charged at the stated premium rate.

How much is van rental for a day?

You can hire GoGet vans by the hour or by the day. The GoGet van day rate is $91, and includes 24 hours and 150kms of driving.

You can also hire a van for just a few hours, at $14.45/hour + $0.40/km.

These rates can be lower if you choose a monthly membership plan, create a business account, or if you’re a full time student or Seniors Card holder. All rates are available at goget.com.au/rates, with vans charged at “Premium” rates.

See how GoGet members use vans

We’re always impressed by what GoGet members get up to with our vans. Check out these stories from artists, businesses and others who have used GoGet vans to do amazing things.