It’s not a groundbreaking discovery that car sharing is cheaper than owning a car. It can cost thousands of dollars a year in the city, especially if you factor in all the hidden costs, including parking! Who cares about that when you have the convenience and luxury of owning your own! Right? Especially when it’s brand new, smells like the factory from whence it came and the upholstery isn’t missing a stitch. People who buy their own have the liberty of excitedly updating their Facebook status, and can Instagram a nice shiny photo of their nice shiny wheels…. #newcar! Though, once the novelty wears off, you realise they’ve forked out not only the fluoro price tag stuck to the windscreen, but also the stamp duty, insurance, and registration. Not to mention they’ve probably had to borrow extra to cover maintenance, petrol, parking, and depreciation – now that’s the icing on the already expensive cake. Still want a slice of that cake? Not looking as tasty now, is it? To work out precisely how much you’ll spend, you’ll need to get out your documents and a calculator (*yawn*). So we’ve done that bit for you. Using a 2013 Toyota Yaris as a benchmark, here are the basic store and registration breakdown, done the good old fashioned way.  That all comes to: 


Oh, you’re under 25 years? Poor thing. Add extra on insurance. No cake for you. All this and you haven’t even driven around the block yet. So, ask yourself, is car sharing for you (and your wallet)? If you get the train during the working week, chances are you’d drive only on weekends. We’re guessing you’d leave your shiny wheels parked out on the street, wherever you get a park ‘near’ your apartment. Though Murphy’s Law applies meaning you’d run 3 blocks in the pouring rain to get to your door. Meanwhile, those bills are rolling in, you’re saturated and someone has scratched the passenger side door without leaving a note. Not ideal. Bare in mind, we’ve only looked at car sharing vs. new car ownership. If you buy a used car you can look at increasing that maintenance allowance! In a recent report, car sharing costs and benefits were compared for its impacts on the wider Sydney community: Costs – “None identified.” Benefits – Just you wait:

  • Reduced road congestion and resulting travel timesavings.
  • Reduction in road accidents due to decreased car use.
  • Reduced parking needs and improved availability of parking.
  • Reduced GHG emissions and other air pollutions.

Bare in mind, these aren’t specific to Sydney. Those living in Melbourne and other cities nation-wide experience the same benefits of car sharing. But what about monetary benefits? That’s the real sweet spot, the jam and cream layer between the sponge. comparison So what’s that about owning your own shiny new car? The GoGet fleet has an average age of 1.3 years! Still new, still shiny. So have we convinced you to Go sell your life draining vehicle and Get into car sharing? With GoGet, you can have your cake, and eat it too.