5 dog friendly beaches near Sydney

Dogs love a romp in the surf as much as the next guy, but it can be difficult to find beaches near Sydney that allow pets (on or off leash), during unrestricted times (you’re probably not aiming to go to the beach from 8-9am, or 4-7pm on a Thursday).

We’ve put together a list of dog friendly beaches within two hours of Sydney –  we’ll cover Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane soon!  And we want to hear from you.  Know a great spot?  The perfect dog oasis?  The coolest pet-friendly restaurant?  A dog-hotel in the mountains?  Tell us about it and you may win $25 in driving credit.

North Shelly Beach – 100kms North of Sydney

North Shelly beach - Dog freindlyAs any dog parent knows, it can be really tough to find a nice dog friendly beach in Sydney. You know, one that can be enjoyed by the whole family. That’s why Shelly Beach is such a diamond in the rough; this is a veritable paradise for water-loving hounds and owners alike. Dogs can go off leash between North Shelly Beach and Toowoon Bay any time of day.


Silver Beach at Kurnell – 24kms South of Sydney

There may be more picturesque beaches near Sydney, but this easily one of the best all-day, every-day dog beaches under an hour from Sydney (that’s nice enough for you to enjoy too!). The farthest beach north of the break walls is a designated off-leash dog beach. Parking is easy, crowds manageable, with shallow waters, soft sand, and calm surf, this is a pooch paradise. If your pet is the chasing, barking type, please note Silver Beach is a popular kite surfing spot in the summer and may not be suitable for those cattle dogs who like a good pursuit.

Lakes Beach at Budgewoi – 116kms North of Sydney

Lakes Beach - Dog FriendlyThis post-card perfect beach along the central coast makes for an awesome weekend trip from Sydney. With white sand and moderate surf, Lake Beach is great for swimming and water wading for the whole family. After you’re done at Lakes beach, head over to the dog friendly Muncha’s Café to enjoy some good food and relax with a couple of drinks.

Terrigal Beach – 87kms North of Sydney

Terrigal has, arguably, some of the most beautiful beaches on the central coast, with sections of it available for off-leash adventures. Free bbq facilities are available for those making a day of it, or stop off at the dog-friendly eatery Lotus Café before heading back home.

Pearl Beach – 50kms North of Sydney

Pearl beach - Dog FriendlyAnother dog beach for the furry and furless alike. Pearl Beach has unrestricted parking, cafes, shops, and very manageable crowds. This beach is both beautiful and serene, and all things considered, an easy morning drive from Sydney. The far North end of the beach is dog friendly (opposite end from the shops) and provides a boundless beach for romping. A note for smaller dogs: Pearl Beach has a wicked break when the winds get going, and the surf should be respected by those with two legs, and/or four.


Don’t forget that GoGet has dog friendly vehicles all over Australia which can be found here.

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